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Stratification of the lubricant in the thrust bearings


Stratification of the lubricant in the thrust bearings

Mukutadze M.A.

Incoming article date: 09.02.2015

In this paper, based on a system of equations of motion of a viscous incompressible fluid with the viscosity depending on the pressure, and continuity equations, provides self-similar solution using the current functions of the stratified flow of lubricant in the thrust bearings. The proposed model is calculated in contrast with the existing three-layer stratification, further complicated by the dependence of the viscosity of the lubricant pressure. An analytical expression allows to obtain a description of three-layer stratified fluid lubricants and a graph of the effect of structural parameter and viscosity ratio stratified layers on the basic performance of the bearing. Numerical analysis of the dependence of the parameters of the adapted profile and load-carrying capacity of lubricating layers.

Keywords: three-layer lubrication, maintenance power circuit adapted slider, stratified flow, pressure dependence of viscosity.