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Analysis of Efficiency of Application of Mine Loaders


Analysis of Efficiency of Application of Mine Loaders

Nosenko A.S., Domnitskij A.A.

Incoming article date: 11.03.2016

Technique of modeling operation of a loader on the basis of method of statistical tests is given in the article and the way of defining current specific expenses connected with operation of loader of a certain design and statement of tasks on their improvement is considered. Modeling the process of loader operation pursues the aim to define specific expenses of consumer on operating the car taking into account casual stream of refusals and restoration of operating state of separate knots and parts of the car at any moment of effective life, with possibility of making decision on efficiency of application of a certain machine design, as well as possibility of forecasting expected indicators of reliability and optimum terms of operation. Basic data and results of comparative analysis of expenses of consumer on operation of serial car 2PNB2 and new sample of MPNK car are given.

Keywords: modeling, method of statistical tests, specific expenses, mine loaders