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Brush as smart electroengine unit


Brush as smart electroengine unit

Morozov O.G., Artem'ev V.I., Kusnetsov A.A., Nureev I.I.

Incoming article date: 25.03.2016

The principles of intelligent node of electroengine - brush are discussed. Into the brush an optical fiber sensor of wear and temperature on the basis of serial low reflection fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) is embedded. In contrast to existing, developed sensors are complexed and are able to simultaneously measure the temperature of the shift of the central wavelength of laser radiation reflected by the FBG, the amount of wear by means of registration the change in the length of the FBG arrays. Analysis of the signal reflected from the FBG allows you to define the parameters of the engine speed, temperature changes - the state of brush-collector unit. At a resolution of the interrogator in the wavelength about 2 ps the temperature sensor has resolution 0,2 ° C. Measurement error values of wear sensor, ​​determined by the stability of the amplitude parameters of laser radiation, are near tenth part of micrometer.

Keywords: friction, complexed fiber optic sensor, fiber Bragg grating, wear, temperature,electroengine, smart brush, rotation speed