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Parametric model of quadrature MSK-signal modulator by OrCAD


Parametric model of quadrature MSK-signal modulator by OrCAD

Kuzmin E.V., Zograf F.G.

Incoming article date: 30.03.2016

This article describes electronic design software tools OrCAD implementation for the quadrature MSK-signals (minimum shift keying) modulator creation. Emulation results are presented: digital and analog signals, the output spectrum. The model is designed to generate MSK-signal and study their changes in various RF paths, using all possible analog-digital circuit simulation of OrCAD. The presented model is parametrized. The determinative model parameters are MSK-signal central frequency and pulse duration of modulation sequence. The input sequence - unipolar digital signal is read from an external text file. Realization of a parametric model of the MSK-signal modulator in OrCAD allows the researcher to quickly and easily change the parameters of the signal and to carry out research directly into the package without resorting to third-party software tools, thereby reducing the complexity and development time. The model can also be used in the study subjects issues concerning digital data transmission.

Keywords: circuit simulation, OrCAD, minimum-shift keying, quadrature modulator, parametric model