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The composite anti-friction polymer material


The composite anti-friction polymer material

Danyushina G.A., Derlugyan P.D., Strelnikov V.V., Shishka N.V.

Incoming article date: 14.03.2017

The article examines the effect of polytitanate potassium intercalated copper on the structure and physico-mechanical properties of composite materials containing as a filler. Matrix composite material is a mixture of polyethylene 277 and copper-polymer complex of polyacrylamide. It is shown that the pre-intercalation of polytitanate potassium copper improve of physico-mechanical properties of the composite material.

Keywords: intercalated, polytitanate potassium, polyethylene, copper-polymer complex of polyacrylamide, friction coefficient, wear resistance, structure, hardness, elemental composition