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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Temperature-kinetic studies of anodic selection of chlorine on metal oxide anodes

    The estimation of the dependence of anode potential of the temperature and current density. It is established that the activation energy of the anodic oxidation process HORTA, HORTA-I1 and OITA decreases with increasing potential, which corresponds to the limiting stage of charge transfer. The activation energy of the anodic process refers to the collective processes of transformation of the catalytic coating and anodic oxidation of the chloride ions. The latter process limits the adsorption of atomic chlorine, and the increase in activation energy is correlated with increased corrosion resistance. The dependence of the activation energy of from the content in the catalytic layer of iridium has an extreme character. The maximum is reached when the content of iridium 60-70%.

    Keywords: ORTA, ORTA-I1, OITA, activation energy, anodic oxidation, adsorption of chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, charge transfer, a mixed oxide, electrode potential

  • Ignitability and smoking capability of epoxy composite materials Part II

    Interference of mineral fillers, phosphor and chloride contained plasticizes, bromine contained fireproofing compounds and ferrocene derivatives to thermal stability, ignitability and smoking capability of epoxy composite materials was under consideration. The authors have eliminated that the phosphate plasticizes do not affect practically to epoxy polymers' combustibility, but to reduce smoking capability of composites. Different types of mineral fillers by concentration less then 45% by mass do insignificantly affect ignitability of epoxy composites. Different types of aromatic bromine contained additive fireproofing compounds do not affect to combustibility of such composites. The ferrocene derivatives surpass the ferrocene by effectiveness of smoke redesign. Correlation of the oxygen index with limiting oxygen concentration, heat of burring and critical density of heat flow graph was shown up. The main service properties and the data of inflammability of original patented composites are presented.

    Keywords: bromine contained fireproofing compound; ignitability; combustibility; smoke ability; composites; fillers; plasticizes; ferrocene derivatives; epoxy oligomers

  • Novel inventions of academician Oleg Figovsky

    Academician Oleg Figovsky is the founder of the Israeli research center "Polimate", as well as scientific Director R&D of companies "Polimate" and the NTI / HCT (USA). He has more than 500 inventions. The article briefly describes the most important patents received in the last 20 years in areas such as materials science, nanotechnology, building construction.

    Keywords: non-isocyanate polyurethanes, nanotechnology, polymer concretes, hybrid materials, constructions

  • Ab initio study of the adsorption of W, N, and O atoms on the TiB2 (0001)

    We used calculations from the first principle to systematically investigate the adsorption of tungsten on the Ti-terminated (0001) TiB2 surface. Atomic structure of two surface layers in the model contains disordered vacancies of titanium and boron atoms. Within the density functional theory, we studied the local atomic structure of the R/TiB2 (0001) surfaces (R = W, N, O) adsorption models and their electronic properties. For the first time, the bond length and the adsorption energy for different reconstructions of the R/TiB2 (0001) surface atomic structure were established. We have estimated the effective charges on the tungsten atom (N and O) atoms and atoms its surrounding atoms in studied reconstructions.

    Keywords: Titanium diboride, adsorption, atomic structure, electronic structure, effective charge, laser alloying

  • Adsorption materials based on husk sunflower

    The use of sunflower husk waste allows to solve the problem of utilization of agricultural waste and obtaining adsorbents for wastewater treatment of industrial production from ions of heavy metals, in particular copper. Studies on the evaluation of the adsorption capacity of materials have been carried out and choose the optimal method of manufacturing the sorbent.

    Keywords: husks of sunflower, vegetable adsorbents, waste water, heavy metal ions, melanin

  • The composite anti-friction polymer material

    The article examines the effect of polytitanate potassium intercalated copper on the structure and physico-mechanical properties of composite materials containing as a filler. Matrix composite material is a mixture of polyethylene 277 and copper-polymer complex of polyacrylamide. It is shown that the pre-intercalation of polytitanate potassium copper improve of physico-mechanical properties of the composite material.

    Keywords: intercalated, polytitanate potassium, polyethylene, copper-polymer complex of polyacrylamide, friction coefficient, wear resistance, structure, hardness, elemental composition

  • Ionic interaction in binary molten salt systems

    Showing concentration change of Raman spectra of frequencies in binary salt systems molten alkali metals with a common cation containing nitrate and perchlorate - anions. There persistence frequency when changing the composition of the molten salt systems.

    Keywords: melts nitrates, alkali metal perchlorates, Raman spectra, binary salt systems

  • Use of electrically charged solid particles flow for track membranes

    The present work is devoted to the description of the new technology, which relates to a method for producing track membranes by penetration of the working medium within the matrix, and its passage through the matrix of polymer material. The working substance interacts with the matrix in the form of high-speed flow of solid particles. Method for treating thin-film materials with a flow of electrically chargeable solid particles in an electric field generated between two oppositely charged electrodes is proposed. One of the electrodes is made in the form of a net that is penetrable to the solid particles, used as a charging electrode for acceleration of the particles passing toward the thin-film material located above this electrode, while the electrode has a continuous surface, and is used as a charging electrode. The electric field is adjusted to the value needed to satisfy the treatment conditions so that the particles can either be retained in the treated material or can pass though the material, thus forming filters for gases or liquids, track membranes, or the like.

    Keywords: membranes manufacturing; trackmembranes; electrically charged solid particles; electric field

  • Technical science. Instrument making, metrology and information and measuring devices and systems

  • Noise resistant blood pressure monitor design

    One of the most important task in measuring instruments design is noise reduction. The importance of this task increases when user is unskilled. The article consist description of mail difficulties of noise-resistant blood pressure monitor and results of this work.

    Keywords: blood pressure monitor, measuring instrument, medical devices, noise, filtration, software, artifact measure, diagnostics

  • Study of the accuracy of satellite determinations as to remove from a basic statin

    In this article we accomplished the research of accuracy of determining the coordinates and distances using satellite methods as the distance from the base station according to the materials of the industrial works in the Rostov region.

    Keywords: geodetic network, satellite technology, electronic devices

  • Self-diagnosis ofmeasurements instruments on the basis of precision lvdt-sensors

    The variant of self-diagnostics of measuring instruments is considered. The measuring device is developed on the basis of LVDT-sensors. For self-diagnosis, the use of spectral analysis is suggested. A experiment was conducted. The LVDT-sensor was subjected to vibration. Based on the measured data, a spectrogram was plotted. Vibration was set by a certified measuring stand. The frequency set by the stand changed from 5 Hz to 20 Hz. The amplitude of the oscillations was from 1 mm to 2 mm.The Measuring frequency of the LVDT-sensors was 20 Hz. In the chart, the component appearing appears, which appears when the sensor mounts are loosened. A conclusion was made about the possibility application of this type of analysis during self-diagnosis of the device.

    Keywords: LVDT, Microprocessor sensor, calibration, measuring instruments

  • Technical science. Radio engineering and communication

  • Design of if amplifiers with improved figures of merit

    The paper discusses the matters of required gain approximation in the frequency range of operation using the Chebyshev criterion and Remez exchange algorithm. The equiripple problems have been solved, which yields polynomials in the form of the fourth order multipliers that approximate the different gains with different frequency ratios. The obtained polynomials make it possible to implement bandpass amplifiers with the required selectivity and gain. The dependencies of figures of merit (for dynamic and frequency ranges, frequency response stability) on the relationship of transfer function sensitivity to element parameters deviations have been analyzed. The criterion of optimality for bandpass amplifiers circuits in the form of the product of gain by transfer function sensitivity to active element parameters deviations has been defined. A circuit design for the fourth order bandpass amplifiers employing a single active element has been suggested. Design ratios for elements’ parameters that provide the minimum value of the optimality criterion over the frequency range of operation have been calculated. Comparison of the suggested and known fourth order function implementation has been made. It has been proved that the figures of merit of selective amplifiers constructed according to the suggested circuit design can be significantly improved.

    Keywords: approximation, frequency response, selective amplifier, active two-port network, integrated amplifier, sensitivity characteristics, dynamic range, intermediate frequency amplifier, a noise level, a function of sensitivity

  • Serial detectors microwave(review).

    The review of serial microwave detectors of domestic and foreign manufacturers for the frequency range of 0.1-220 GHz is presented. It is reviewed more than 60 models of microwave detectors. Brief information about their characteristics is given. The article can be useful for engineers when designing the receiving and measuring apparatus.

    Keywords: serial microwave detectors, main electrical parameters, mounting dimensions, sensitivity, dynamic range.

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Estimation of nonlinear higher order disturbances in the adaptive algorithms for position-trajectory control

    This paper presents an adaptive algorithm for position-trajectory control with reference model and estimation of nonlinear circuit unmeasured disturbances. The introduction of a robust observer derivatives in the base controller position-trajectory control, built on the principles of self-adjusting adaptive systems with a reference model, allows to estimate unmeasured disturbance characterized by non-linearity of the second order and higher, and to adapt the parameters of the system in order to reduce or minimize the zero mismatch errors between the control object and reference model. The use of derivatives allows the observer to increase the overall stability of the control system, otherwise, the system loses its stability in short-term effect of the disturbance on the control of high-order object.

    Keywords: adaptive management, reference model, positional-trajectory control, observer, parameter estimation, the movable object, AUV

  • Simulation of vehicle movements with adaptive positional-trajectory control system and estimation loop of immeasurable model parameters

    This paper presents an overview of modern adaptive control systems for vehicle. It shows simulation results of vehicle flight with using the adaptation algorithm for position-control system, with estimation loop of additional disturbances, and with the reference mathematical model and astatism. The simulation results for two cases (for given constant coefficients of adapting and using the automatic settings adjustment coefficients) are presented.

    Keywords: adaptive control, helicopter, position-trajectory control, observer, estimation, vehicle, flight,simulation

  • Evaluation of transportation risks of non-standard cargoes on the example materials handling equipment

    The problem of reduction of costs associated with the performance of work in remote areas, which should be delivered to special funds for the execution of works, is relevant in view of the ever-increasing one-hundred-imosti special technique, bulkiness of many of its types and problem-sti move its modern road and other routes. Hod them from directions to reduce these losses is to find the best options to transfer credits on the basis of building a formal model describing the process of moving. It is this problem, and in is devoted to this work. In the formalized problem of minimizing the risks caused by losses and costs associated with the delivery of the Ad Hoc technology to remote-ly located sites working on co-toryh can be carried out construction, installation, repair, supply of-malarial and other works. The classification of the problems associated with the movement of special equipment and, above all, Conveyor as the most cumbersome and capacious types of such equipment. We write the expression for the losses and expenses associated with the pro-cess of transportation. These expressions include four of subsidiary function, which in turn depend on a number of constants and pro-simplest functions. The first of these auxiliary functions Inves-vestigated for the most important field of application of the developed model - for the construction sector. An analytical expression for the function.

    Keywords: transportation of special equipment, mathematical model, construction zone, lifting vehicles, minimization-tion risks, losses and expenses, estimate model parameters

  • Procuring of information security in a process of certificate authorities services provision via centers of state and municipal services provision

    In the article scheme of the process optimization of certification authorities services provision which ensures security services of transmitted information is described

    Keywords: digital signature, certification authority, optimization, electronic government, centers of state and municipal services provision, information security services

  • Project synthesis of optimal parameters of accuracy of execution units of agricultural machinery

    An algorithm for the synthesis of the optimal values ​​of the parameters of precision manufacturing, assembly and balancing of assembly units and parts of machinery for agricultural purposes on the basis of the simulation of its dynamics. It is shown that the accuracy of the parameters of execution units of a conflict affect the cost of production and operation of the machine. This is the basis of the optimal values ​​of these parameters for the search criteria to minimize the amount of these costs. Along with the optimized parameters into account other characteristics of the aggregates (their weight, mode of operation and so forth.), Which are related to the optimization of resources. A variation of the latter with the search for the optimal solution provides the required quality indicators of the unit. The proposed method of synthesis parameters tested calculation accuracy performance rotor grinding drum crusher feed DB-5. These calculations showed the possibility of redistribution of allowances for the execution of the test drum sizes for optimal reduction of production costs.

    Keywords: agricultural machinery, machine, design, accuracy performance optimization

  • Comparative analysis of the availability of forest logging companies

    The ultimate goal of the activities of the woodworking company is receiving income from the use of forest resources. To achieve a normal level of profitability is not enough of one evaluation of the taxonomic indicators the forest area. This article describes the methodology of assessing the economic availability of forest resources based on analysis of all the key factors such as: cost of logging, transport accessibility, the cost of creating the necessary infrastructure. A study of the process of logging one of the largest woodworking enterprises of the domestic timber industry for availability of forest resources. It is concluded that the different forest areas of the plant are characterized by different initial conditions. Accordingly, this guidance on tactical and strategic planning in the field of improvement of economic availability of forest resources, it is noted that the plots with higher level of affordability should be developed at an accelerated pace, and the areas with less favourable economic performance should only fill in missing volumes.

    Keywords: affordability, forest resources, harvesting technology, the cost of harvesting, efficiency, logging company

  • Virtual logistics providers in the system of classification of logistics operators

    This article lists the various interpretations of the concept of the virtual logistics service provider, is determined by the place of virtual logistics providers in the system of classification of logistics operators, given their classification, as well as an analysis of the prospects for their development in the world and Russian economy.

    Keywords: logistics operators, virtual logistics providers, logistics informatization and virtualization performance.

  • Brightness control in computer graphics: nonlinear aspect

    The ability to change brightness contrast of images with the help of some graphic packages’ tool is studied. In parallel the influence of this tool on hue and saturation of forming the image pixels is investigated. It is shown that tool as a whole is of little use for brightness contrast informative control, because in a number of packages it cannot provide brightness contrast gain, in others - does not keep hue and in all - deforms a saturation that threatens with loss of the graphic information transferred by saturation contrasts. Corresponding artifacts are considered and discussed.

    Keywords: nonlinear brightness control, brightness contrast, colour hue and saturation, graphic information integrity, artifacts