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  • Simulation of vehicle movements with adaptive positional-trajectory control system and estimation loop of immeasurable model parameters

    This paper presents an overview of modern adaptive control systems for vehicle. It shows simulation results of vehicle flight with using the adaptation algorithm for position-control system, with estimation loop of additional disturbances, and with the reference mathematical model and astatism. The simulation results for two cases (for given constant coefficients of adapting and using the automatic settings adjustment coefficients) are presented.

    Keywords: adaptive control, helicopter, position-trajectory control, observer, estimation, vehicle, flight,simulation

  • Position-Trajectory System of Direct Adaptive Control Marine Autonomous Vehicles

    From the point of view of development of control systems, a significant disadvantage of indirect adaptive control systems of moving objects is the fact that the limiting the properties of such system are determined by the basic adaptive regulator. In other words, to solve the problem of adaptive control it is required to find a non-adaptive regulator, which solves the problem of marine autonomous vehicles. In this case, the adaptive controller replaces many controllers that solve the control of multiple objects in a non-adaptive domain. The paper presents method of direct adaptive control for marine autonomous vehicles. Nonlinear mathematical models are considered. The method is based on position-trajectory control approach. It is proved the designed by suggested method controller is a vector nonlinear PI-regulator. The regulator ensures asymptotical stability of the closed-loop control system.

    Keywords: adaptive control, marine autonomous vehicles, position, trajectory