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On the issue of high-strength concrete production in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam


On the issue of high-strength concrete production in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Nesvetaev G.V., Vu Le Kuen

Incoming article date: 18.03.2019

An assessment was made of the possibility of obtaining high-strength concrete based on certain materials of SRV. The analysis of the effect on the ultimate strength of concrete in compression for the duration of hardening, the magnitude of the water-cement ratio, and the properties of materials was performed. A technique for selecting efficient materials for the production of high-strength concrete based on an estimate of the specific consumption of cement is given. It is shown that on the basis of materials available in the northern regions of NRW, high-strength concrete with a specific cement consumption of about 6 (kg / m3) / MPa can be obtained. It was concluded that, in the production of high-strength concrete, it is advisable to increase the adhesion of cement stone to coarse aggregate, for example, by introducing active microsilica in the form of rice husk ash into the concrete mix. It has been suggested that it is necessary to study the effect of superplasticizing additives used in SRV on the kinetics of hardening of cements in order to determine the group of additives that have a minimal retarding effect on the growth of concrete strength in the early period

Keywords: specific consumption of cement, high-strength concrete, tensile strength, cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, adhesion of cement stone with aggregate, hardening kinetics