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Navigator for the price of goods, "Smart purchase"


Navigator for the price of goods, "Smart purchase"

Pitukhin E.A.

Incoming article date: 20.03.2019

The article proposes the concept of mobile Internet service based on a combination of the functionality of applications – aggregators of discounts and navigation applications with GIS technologies. The new application allows a potential buyer to make a list of necessary products, as well as a list of stores where he can buy them at the lowest prices, indicating the routes, time spent and money. The user can choose the most appropriate scenario from the proposed (minimum money, minimum time, the best option). It takes into account the characteristics of the buyer, its financial and transport capabilities, the required list of products, the available variety of stores, factors of attractiveness of stores (prestige, convenience, level of service, availability of Parking, etc.) Mathematical implementation of the service – optimization on graphs (search for the shortest path taking into account restrictions) and simulation of the behavior of customer flows when prices or store locations change.

Keywords: crisis, cheap goods, promotions, discounts, mobile application, discount aggregator, price navigator, GIS technology, optimization