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Kinetics of sylvinite ore desliming under ultrasonic treatment


Kinetics of sylvinite ore desliming under ultrasonic treatment

V.V. Vahrushev, V.Z. Poilov, O.K. Kosvintsev, O.A. Fedotova

Incoming article date: 24.05.2013

Operation of sylvinite ore desliming is an important step of potassium chloride production by floatation method. It is known that ultrasonic treatment is applied to increase the efficiency of insoluble rest separating from an ore. The purpose was to establish kinetic regularities of the insoluble rest removal from sylvinite ore crystals of the same particle size distribution. Investigations were carried out with mechanical stirring and sonication of varying intensity. It is established that process of sylvinite ore desliming occurs in the diffusion mode. Application of ultrasonic treatment allows to intensify process in 2-4 times as compared with mechanical desliming. Influence of sylvinite ore treatment parameters to chemical composition changing of the insoluble rest is defined. It is shown that sonication for 90 seconds leads to removing carbonates from ore crystals withal concentrating of the iron compounds.

Keywords: desliming, sylvinite ore, ultrasonic treatment, sonication, insoluble rest.