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  • Institutionalization and state regulation of market relations of exchange in modern supply chains of retail trade networks: logistic aspect

    In this article the author examines current challenging aspects of functioning of the supply chains in trading networks, scientific and factographical evaluation of which allows making several conclusions. At present time development of the system of goods circulation in the consumer market will be inevitably accompanied by conservation of a certain level of asymmetry in the distribution of market power and mutual strategic positioning of the parties. On the one hand, such kind of strategic situation is factographically objectified by the author. On the other hand, it preserves the problem of instability of being formed supply chains overcoming of which is possible by means of regulatory intervention of the state. The author defines the dominant position of the state not so much from the point of view of present on today`s market paternalistic beginning as from the position of estimation of potential possibilities of adjustment of goods distribution cooperation and defining it rules.

    Keywords: Trading network, supply chain, suppliers, government regulation, institutionalization of exchange relations

  • The growth of trading networks as a factor of strengthening the power asymmetry in the system of goods circulation in the consumer market

    In the article the author examines factors and reasons causing the problem of strengthening the power asymmetry as a result of market expansion of trading networks, which is identified by the author as a system empirical trend in the market determining structurization of its organizational field.
    Evaluating the high potential of development of format trade in the Russian market, the author concludes that the rapid expansion of trading networks creates enormous pressure on the manufacturing business: increasing potential difference is transforming into asymmetry of market power of network retail trade and production companies that stimulates the process of their extremely non-equilibrium strategic positioning in the system of goods supply in the domestic market of the country.
    The author comes to the conclusion that the potential of building mutually beneficial strategic partnership relations between manufacturers and trading networks is today relatively restricted by reason of dominant position of networks in the system of goods circulation in the consumer market. Formation of economically effective and strategically balanced partnership alliance of networks and suppliers occurs predominantly only with medium-sized and large manufacturing FMCG companies which have sufficient level of technological capacity and resources which allow them to produce quality high-tech production adequate positioning of which automatically creates in the market powerful production brand.   

    Keywords: Supply chain, asymmetry, market power, trading network, producer, expansion

  • Formation of radiating elements AESA ERS satellites elliptical polarization of the field

    The techniques generate a directivity diagram a slot antenna array with variable polarization. The results of calculation the characteristics of radiation for an array dimension 4x4 elements.

    Keywords: AESA, microstrip antennas, spacecraft, remote sensing of the earth.

  • A train set forming for using artificial neural networks to database errors search

    It describes a method of train set forming for using artificial neural networks to search inauthentic rows  in databases tables. An existing methods of the reliability ensure involve the use of integrity constraints and provides a truthfulness, but there is still a possibility of entering of inauthentic data, appropriate to all constraints. A more accurate assessment of reliability is possible with the use of artificial neural networks that require a training set. The main requirement for the training set - representation includes sufficiency, diversity and evenness. The approaches to each of these requirements are describes. Also calculations a sufficient number of rows for training neural networks of various types is given, as well as the results of experiments that confirm correctness of the theoretical calculations.

    Keywords: database, authenticity, artificial neural networks, training set, representation

  • The kinetics of electroreduction of zinc sulfate electrolyte in the presence of additives of surfactants

    The kinetics of the electrodeposition of zinc to the steel base of the sulfate electrolyte supplements with synthetic surfactants was studied. Found that at potentials more positive than the equilibrium value the process of pre phase zinc deposition. Additives synthesized organic compounds adsorbed to the surface of the electrode at its cathodic polarization, increasing of overvoltage process. The adsorption is in the range of 0,5•10-7 to 2,6•10-5 mol/сm2.

    Keywords: zinc, electrolyte, electrode, surface-active agents (surfactants), electrodeposition, adsorption, diffusion coefficient, and pre phase deposition

  • Diagnosis of a piezoceramic element based on the active component of conductivity

    An estimate of the frequency discretization interval was obtained in solving diagnostic problems of a piezoceramic element by means of different methods based on measuring the active component of conductivity in a number of discrete points. This allows avoiding precision loss and, at the same time, reducing the number of measurements and computational operations.

    Keywords: Piesoceramic element, Q-factor, active component of conductivity

  • The ratio of particles sizes in polydispersed structures as the first step to the optimization of composite binding compounds

    Calcating-experimental method shows that on the basis of cement and fine-grounded mineral powder, complex binding materials can be obtained, providing high strength of obtained stones.

    Keywords: cement, mineral powder, components, optimization, strength

  • Investment projects in the formation of the system of control of functioning and realization of the nature-conservation measures

    "Is analyzed the need for the investment of capital, optimizing selection most effective measures, for the reduction of technogenic action, to an improvement in the prirodokhozyaystvennoy situation. Worsening in the state of natural environment definitely requires the additional investment of capital, which draws the rise in price of production and as a result reduction in production efficiency. The tasks of the economic and social development of society must be determined taking into account ecological factor, i.e., taking into account rational use of natural resources. A substantial change in priorities and purposes of the economy of Russia, all branches and its separate sectors is required for this. In this context to the foreground are advanced effective measures for environmental protection in the process of the prirodokhozyaystvennoy activity, which correspond to the concept of steady development.A29 It is expedient to correct the taxation of profit taking into account the profitability of nature-conservation measures, effectiveness of its use with the solution of other social problems, meant both for the society, and for the ecology as a whole: investment tax credits with a considerable decrease or the cancellation of percentages for the use by them; the priority crediting of the subjects of the economy, who inject the best technologies of taking nature-conservation measures; the compensation for the part of the interest rate on the credit due to federal dollar (to 50%). The introduction of innovation technologies in the formation of the system of control of functioning and realization of nature-conservation measures, is the most important tool of an increase in the competitive ability of regions and companies under these conditions. "

    Keywords: investment climate, basic capital, ecological crediting, the concept of the steady development

  • Influence of mineral-chemical additives on the noncorrodibility of cement concrete application of industrial waste

    In the article are considered the results of the researches of noncorrodibility of the concrete received with the use of industrial wastes and mineral-chemical additives of various structures in various combinations. Research has shown increase of noncorrodibility, durability and water resistance of the concrete obtained with the use of additives, and the most effective, at that, is the sharing of mineral-chemical additives.

    Keywords: concrete, mineral-chemical additives, industrial wastes, noncorrodibility, decstrin, lignosulfonat, kinetic, durability

  • Final element analysis of strain-stress state of elements of crosscut power end of bus body in operation

    In the article it is reflected the results of carrying out numerical research of supporting capacity of side interfenestral bus body pillars. It is carried out calculating of detailed final element model of bus body pillars with considering the physical and geometric nonlinearity. The implementation of final element analysis of the stress-strain state of bus body pillars is provided for simple and complex bending. It is made the consideration of the influence of chemical material corrosion on stiffness and strength characteristics of the body pillar. Modeling is made with the use of opportunities of a package of the applied ANSYS programs.

    Keywords: The bus, safety of bus construction, strength, deformation, body pillar, corrosion

  • Comparative analysis of porous piezoceramics modelling by effective moduli and finite element methods with experimental data

    The results of computational experiments to determine the characteristics of the porous piezoelectric ceramics based on the methodology, including the effective modules method, simulations of representative volumes on a simple random method and the method of Witten-Sander, finite element method to solve static piezoelectric problems for heterogeneous composite media and the accounting of inhomogeneous polarization near the pores are presented. A comparison of the results of computer simulation with the known experimental data for the porous material PZT-4 and its analogs is realized. It is concluded that the accounting of inhomogeneous polarization in the vicinity of porous provide the better agreement between numerical results and large number of known experimental data. Thus, for most effective constants the smallest errors are obtained for a representative volume of the porous piezoelectric material, constructed by Witten-Sander method.

    Keywords: piezocomposite, porous piezoelectric ceramics, inhomogeneous polarization, mathematical modelling, models of representative volumes, finite element method, effective moduli

  • Research of basic aerodynamic properties of crushed straw material

    A widespread technology with deep litter floor with broilers. Promising material for bedding are the straw materials. However, straw, held a simple reduction, does not meet the zootechnical requirements, in particular the recommended length of the cut should be 50 mm to 150 mm. Thus, there arises the problem of fractionation straw, obtained at harvest crops as waste. We carried out an analysis of the different types of fractional chopped straw with nodal connections without them. Studies have been conducted on the behavior of these types in an air classifier with a velocity change .

    Keywords: The straw residues fractionation aerodinomicheskie performance, fly speed

  • Unification bent laminated wooden structures on the basis of similarity.

    This article deals with the unification of the elements of wood as on the principle of similarity with the material counterpart. Also estimated the economic benefits of the technical parameters of Glulam. As a result of optimizing the size of these elements. Unification is held on the main criterion of similarity bearing members with the solution graphically. Resulting in optimal size sections are then calculated the opportunity cost of production.

    Keywords: unification, glued wooden structures

  • The influence of electric field of junction with Schottky barrier on the impurity atoms relocation in semiconductor.

    The simulation of the process of the electrically active impurities relocation in the electric field of Schottky diode space charge region has been made. The analysis of the simulation results shows the possibility of controlled alloying impurities relocation on the depth about tens of nanometers caused by electrically active atoms diffusion in the electric field of Schottky diode space charge region.

    Keywords: diffusion, space charge region, Schottky diode

  • Development of communications and sale of production and services of a restaurant network with use of IT-technologies (experience of modeling and design of the multipurpose website). Part 1

    Results of the theoretical analysis and applied development of the system of communications and sale of production and services of a restaurant network with use of modern IT technologies are given. Results of modeling and design of the multipurpose website which allows to expand production and economic capabilities of a restaurant network are described. SWOT analysis is executed and the main results of design of the multipurpose website and its integration into a control system and business processes of a network of restaurants are briefly presented. Work is performed with financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the Federal target program "Researches and Development in the Priority Directions of Development of a Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2007 - 2013".

    Keywords: communications, organization of advance and sale of production and services, IT technologies, models, modeling, multipurpose website, network of restaurants, organization and management of restaurant, instrument complex

  • Development of communications and sale of production and services of a restaurant network with use of IT-technologies (experience of modeling and design of the multipurpose website). Part 2

    Results of research and design of system of communications and sale of production and services of a restaurant network with use of IT technologies and the multipurpose website providing favorable prospects of preservation of business, its steady growth, diversification, differentiation and customization of products and services are given. The complex of design actions and results of modeling of risk management are described at development and deployment of Internet technologies and the multipurpose website in production and administrative activity of a network of restaurants, design, advance and site operation. Work is performed with financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the Federal target program "Researches and Development in the Priority Directions of Development of a Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2007 - 2013".

    Keywords: organization and management of the project, communications, IT technologies, models, modeling, multipurpose website, network of restaurants, organization and management of restaurant, site advance, instrument complex

  • Classifiers for the construction of complex objects in multidimensional spaces

    Is devoted to the actual problem of constructing classifiers objects given by a point in a multidimensional space of feature values. The principle of linear normal classification of objects in multi-dimensional space of attributes can be used to build a classifier in the case of many complex structures, in general, are inseparable one hyperplane. In such cases, proposed to use a set of hierarchically related normal separating hyperplanes, which is called the normal hierarchical classifier.

    Keywords: recognition, classification, feature space, the geometric method

  • Plane strain elements cylindrical structures under the action of physical fields

    Considered concrete cylindrical body in axisymmetric formulation (plane strain condition), exposure to radiation and temperature effects. The influence of physical fields on the mechanical characteristics of the material of the body individually or in the aggregate. It is shown that the stress-strain state of the cylinder, under the joint account of the different physical fields, is very different from the stress-strain state, obtained by summing the individual results of the calculation of each factor separately, that is, the superposition principle is not respected.

    Keywords: temperature field, radiation, stress-strain state of the cylinder, the change of physical and mechanical parameters of the body

  • Determination of optimal cutting parameters are 10H12NVMFA

    A number of tests in cutting setup alloy 10H12NVMFA fulfilled. A number of studies for specification of process gas (oxygen) impact on cutting speed, also of cutting speed impact on cutting width were performed. Optimal cutting parameters specified experimentally.

    Keywords: laser cutting, cutting speed, cut sidewall, oxygen pressure, capacity

  • Improving of the efficiency and reliability of wastewater treatment at different stages of treatment plant effluent

    The article contains the approaches of  improving the reliability and environmental safety of cleaning waste water treatment plants in the industrial environment, with the help of the express - control methods (oxidation - reduction potential respirometry) and modern technology (biologics, intraband circulation biomass)

    Keywords: safety, environmental safety, sewage treatment, waste water, oxidation - reduction potential, respirometry, biologics, intraband circulation biomass

  • Modern systems for active cooling of electronic components based on piezoelectric devices

    The article describes the method of constructing acoustic microblower based on piezoelectric device. The article shows the main problems in cooling systems for microelectronics and describes the general construction, which allows you to bypass these disad

    Keywords: microblower, micro-pump, piezoelectric device, airflow, acoustic

  • Experiment planning on thermal power plant fly ash collection in elektrocyclone

    The article deals with the design of experiments for dispersed particles capturing in elektrocyclone. The autors gives planning matrix calculation, the regression equation based on the aerosol velocity and the initial concentration of the aerosol and plot of function.

    Keywords: gas cleaning; cyclone; elektrocyclon; fly ash

  • Design of hot water-supply using renewable energy sources

    "Application of solar energy in supplying various infrastructure units is urgent these days. Traditionally these were the centralized urban heating systems, which were used for heating buildings. The suggested heating system is composed of solar collectors with a total area of 44.16 m2 and with a volume flow of hot water to the consumer of 1.5 m3/h. Computer-aided heating circuit consists of traditional circuits, composed of solar collectors, circulation pump and a lamellar heat exchanger. Additionally, the scheme is extended by a fixed temperature water tank and a circuit, which interfaces the heating systems. They will be in their turn separated by a heat exchanger. The equipment also provides an opportunity of organizing a reverse pairing with the heating systems to return the excess heat into the network. This scheme has several modes of operation. In the conditions of nighttime, cloudy afternoon, light fog or smog water heating is provided by a central source. If during daytime, while being heated directly by the sun the water gets overheated the overheated water discharge mode is switched on automatically to discharge excess heat to a central heating system. The scheme provides for a “solar connectors and central source of heat parallel operation mode” to maintain the desired temperature, for example in the morning. According to the results of observations the share of water heating due to the solar collectors in summer is on average about 75%. Shared usage of central source of heat and solar collectors allows to efficiently use the available energy resources."

    Keywords: renewable energy sources; solar collectors; computer-aided heating circuit; reverse pairing with the heating systems; efficient using of the available energy resources

  • The analysis of emergencies on linear part of the main gas pipelines.

    In article statistical data on failures on a linear part of the main gas pipelines are presented, the reasons of their emergence are defined. Standard scenarios of development of emergencies are provided, and also the basic principles of determination of frequency of emergence of failures are shined.

    Keywords: accident, analysis, diameter, linear part of the main gas pipelines, depressurization, scenario, pipeline.