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  • Institutionalization and state regulation of market relations of exchange in modern supply chains of retail trade networks: logistic aspect

    In this article the author examines current challenging aspects of functioning of the supply chains in trading networks, scientific and factographical evaluation of which allows making several conclusions. At present time development of the system of goods circulation in the consumer market will be inevitably accompanied by conservation of a certain level of asymmetry in the distribution of market power and mutual strategic positioning of the parties. On the one hand, such kind of strategic situation is factographically objectified by the author. On the other hand, it preserves the problem of instability of being formed supply chains overcoming of which is possible by means of regulatory intervention of the state. The author defines the dominant position of the state not so much from the point of view of present on today`s market paternalistic beginning as from the position of estimation of potential possibilities of adjustment of goods distribution cooperation and defining it rules.

    Keywords: Trading network, supply chain, suppliers, government regulation, institutionalization of exchange relations