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  In given article the design procedure of a matrix of a feedback on a vector of coordinates of a condition is offered. In its basis association of two problems is necessary. The first is the problem of indemnification of zero of own and mutual transfer functions of the system, the second - a problem of maintenance of monotony of course of processes in system. Problems such as also can be solved: a problem decoupling and a problem of maintenance astatic channels of control. Updating is understood as reception of a ratio in a general view for a matrix of a regulator of a feedback of system of modal control. The received system provides monotony of the transitive characteristic due to indemnification of set of zero of own and mutual transfer functions in system of modal management. From the technological point of view the system provides absence перерегулирования at course of technological process. The offered decisions in suggested article can be used in various areas of a science and techniques. 

Keywords: modal control, indemnification of zero, updating of algorithm of calculation of a feedback, monotony of the transitive characteristic