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Simulation model of silica biosensors for environmental studies


Simulation model of silica biosensors for environmental studies

T.P. Strochan, V.Yu. Vishnevetskiy

Incoming article date: 25.07.2013

The urgency and feasibility of application of biosensors with active biological layer for environmental studies was justified. A study of biosensors of various configurations to build a test system of environmental pollution control and determine the degree of aquatic toxicity was conducted. A simulation model of biosensor system was built. The selectivity of the biosensor was determined by theoretical experiments in which the analytical signal of the biosensor for biologically active layer without other biologically active substances was determined. The relationship between the type of transducer and biologically active substance was revealed. The software implementation of bisensor system was developed that reveals a number of pollutants and allows using not only different converters, but also different strains.

Keywords: biosensor, strain, quartz crystal, simulation model, environmental studies, pollutants, toxicity, sensitivity