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Information Support of system which control index of customer loyalty


Information Support of system which control index of customer loyalty

Zaharov N.S., Tekutyev L.A.

Incoming article date: 11.09.2014

With the development of market relations and the increasing competition in the Russian work with the end consumer is becoming increasingly important for each market participant. Consumer behavior - a new field of knowledge that will help market participants to maintain and even increase the profitability of of their business at relatively low material costs. The fastest way to increase income of the company without investing significant resources, is to increase customer loyalty. For the numerical evaluation and opportunities to influence on customer loyalty is computed the customer loyalty index. To increase the effectiveness of measures taken to study and improve customer loyalty index developed a set of program measures on the basis of 1c Alfa Auto. Using the developed software, the process of influence on customer loyalty index, and hence the profits of the enterprise is more efficient both in terms of spent time , and in terms of the effectiveness of taken measures.

Keywords: 1C Alpha- Auto, interview, module of work with claims, customer loyalty, index of customer loyalty