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  • Scientific researches and developments

  • Metallographic examination of the structure of coatings made ​​by the method of gas-powder surfacing

    A comprehensive study of metallographic structure and properties of coatings made ​​by the method of gas-powder surfacing. Phase analysis was carried out to determine the structural components of the internal condition of the coating. Conducted an analysis of the diffraction patterns and microstructures.

    Keywords: gaspowder welding, powder steel, microstructure, and protective coatings

  • Assortiment of woody plants for biological recultivation of bottomset beds polygons after cleaning rivers

    To create in Rostov-on-Don, ecologically effective, technologically advanced and durable green plantings to solve the problem: 1. Create a variety of trees for landscaping cities and towns; 2. Determine the principles of green plantings, ensuring their maximum environmental efficiency. In the steppe zone of Russia should use the structure of the park, with a high proportion of dense plantings (400 trees per hectare) of long-lived trees of the first magnitude.

    Keywords: biological recultivation, small rivers, bottomset beds, assortiment of woody plants, Rostov region

  • Simulation of the fuzzy direct torque control for induction motor drive in Simulink

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    • registration number: induction motor, direct torque control, fuzzy logic controller, ripple

    Two different methods for direct torque control (DTC) of induction motor are analyzed. The first one is derived from well-known DTC strategy developed for voltage inverter drives. This type of control basically uses hysteresis type controllers for torque and flux. The decoupling of the torque and flux components is accomplished by using hysteresis comparators, which compares the actual and estimated values of the electromagnetic torque and stator flux. The torque and flux estimated values are calculated based on the sampled motor’s terminal variables, i.e. stator voltages and currents. Output of these comparators, together with the stator flux orientation, are used to select the appropriate voltage vectors of a three phase voltage source inverter. The other DTC method, proposed in the paper, is based on fuzzy logic concept , where fast torque response with low ripple in the torque of induction motor can be achieved. In this technique, the hysteresis comparators, used in basic DTC, are replaced by the fuzzy logic controllers. Takagi – Sugeno fuzzy algorithm are used to approximate nonlinear functions. In comparison with the conventional DTC simulation results clearly demonstrate a better dynamic and steady state performance with the fuzzy logic DTC. The performance of the proposed drive systems evaluated through digital simulation using MatLab package with Simulink blocksets. Also, MatLab/Fuzzy toolbox is used to implement the fuzzy logic controller. Both systems are simulated under the same conditions.

    Keywords: асинхронный двигатель, прямое управление моментом, нечеткий регулятор, флуктуации,

  • By definition, the nominal size of a real particle discrete loose body

    In the article the problem of determining the nominal size of real particles of grain materials, which significantly affect the technological parameters of the hoppers and their design parameters. Are specific correction factors for sredenegeometricheskogo razsmera nektoryh ubiquitous forms particles loose body.

    Keywords: Bunker, nominal diameter, bulk body shape factor of particles geometric average particle size

  • The improvement of forestry process with the use of feller-skidder in terms of functional-technological method

    New technology using timber feller-skidder is proposed in the article. A feller-skidder fells trees which oriented tops towards upper timber landing. Then the feller-skidder picks fell trees and cuts its tops. After that it skids them for tops to upper timber landing. The new technology allows to improve performance logging and to concentrate logging residues. Improvement of performance is because of capacity increase in volume of tree batch. A research did in terms of functional-technological method.

    Keywords: Logging, logging waste, feller-skidder, tree felling, skidding

  • Weaknesses of insurance as tool of a diversification of risks

    Merits and demerits of insurance in view of probability of approach of an insurance case are considered. Alternatively prevention of losses from high-risk events such tool as accommodation of deposits within the limits of insured sum in highly reliable banks is offered.

    Keywords: diversification of risks, deposit, insurance, insurance case, damage.

  • Some aspects of finnish language teaching russian as a foreign language and how family in Finland

    Based on the analysis of works of finnish experts shows that learning russian language with learning the finnish language as a foreign supports the development of bilingual identity and language readiness of students.

    Keywords: russian, finnish, teaching.

  • Creation of a "framework of orientation" in the architectural environment of university complexes

    The issues of spatial orientation and navigation in the environment of large university complexes. The various functional and urban planning types of university complexes based on spatial orientation. The problems of spatial orientation in the built environment for the two types: urban "local" systems "integrated" type; Country (or suburban) campuses. Was investigated systematized modern "language" of visual communications for the university environment. Stand "information carriers" and "information structures" among university complexes "functional spatial structure" building "composite structure", "decorative plastic" and "semantic-graphic" structure. The conceptual model of the "frame of orientation" university environment as a complex system of spatial orientation of the inner and outer three-dimensional structure of the building. Marked methodological stages of the project forming a "frame of orientation" for new construction and modernization of university complexes. Stages based on three levels of visual contact "newcomers" and open objects and interior environment of the university complex "occurrence" on Wednesday, "awareness" of the environment, "dissolution" in the medium.

    Keywords: university complex, spatial orientation, visual communication

  • Formation of array nanoparticles during electrodeposition platinum on glassy carbon and dispersed carbon support

    In the present study, platinum was electrodeposited onto rotating disc electrode coated with Vulcan XC-72R Nafion suspension and uncoated smooth glassy carbon electrode from acidic solution of 5mМ H2PtCl6. The electrochemically active surface area of platinum particles obtained was determined by cyclic voltammetry and the structural characteristic of the particles was studied by scanning electron microscopy. The impact of current and time on the electrochemically active surface area of platinum particles electrodeposited on the carbon supports was also investigated and described in this paper. The present work is expected to be utilized and contribute to the improvement of electrochemically active surface area of platinum catalysts for low temperature fuel cells.

    Keywords: galvanostatic electrodeposition, chronopotentiometric curves, chloroplatinic acid, vulcan XC-72R, fuel cells

  • Optimization on the base of probability approach for the fuzzy control models of production control objects

    The problem of fuzzy model optimization in this article is discussed. The fuzzy control methods are used for production processes that function in the conditions of fuzzy environment. The control systems are designed on the base of fuzzy methods. The process of temperature control at the baking chamber is discussed as example of the production processes that function in the conditions of fuzzy environment The estimation of its results are made after designing of fuzzy control model. If the results deviate from given meanings optimization is done. The probabilistic methods are used as methods of optimization. The membership functions are used as parameter of optimization. The parameters of estimation and their threshold values are assigned. The results of modeling, the parameters of fuzzy control model before and after optimization are shown here.

    Keywords: fuzzy model, algorithm of optimization, the probabilistic theory, estimation of accuracy, membership functions

  • Methodology of integrated assessment of the energy efficiency level of non-industrial objects.

    Federal Law 261-FZ dated November 23, 2009 introduces a list of organizations subject to mandatory energy audit including development of energy passports and energy efficiency programs. However, the fact of the audit (the presence of energy certificates and energy saving program) is not an indicator of energy efficiency of the organizations surveyed. Currently, the main criteria are the specific energy consumption per square meter of floor space, the presence of meters, the availability of energy service contracts (according to the order of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated October 24, 2011 #591). These criteria do not allow to assess comprehensively the efforts of the staff to improve energy efficiency of the object. The authors have developed methodology allowing to determine the level of energy efficiency of the object (building, group of buildings) based on objective and subjective factors. The proposed approach makes it possible to rank different objects according to their level of energy efficiency, it allows to develop investment programs aimed at energy efficiency improvement in more efficient manner. This method can be used to monitor the energy efficiency of facilities and to assess the quality of energy efficient measures implemented at these objects. Analysis of the indicators in certain areas can detect the most "weak" places for improvement.

    Keywords: Energy efficiency, energy saving, specific energy consumption, energy audits, energy efficiency measures, indicators, methodology, monitoring.

  • Analytical determination of the shape of the gap forming hopper with vertical end walls greatest capacity grain bulk materials /RETRACTED 25.07.2019/

    This article provides an analytical solution to determine the forming wall slot hopper highest possible throughput with vertical end stenkmi among all bins have the same inlet and outlet openings. These bins are designed for hydraulic type expiration of the bulk material. They are evenly distributed granular body as it exits from the outlet and reduce the degree of influence on the flow characteristics of the vaults of the hopper.

    Keywords: bunker, loose body, bunker form, friction, outlets, bunker expense.

  • Complex projects as a factor of university-production cooperation intensification

    The article shows the effectiveness of university cooperation with industrial plants in the context of joint complex projects implementation, and gives the results of patent-informational search of engineering solutions directed to the effective solid radioactive waste processing

    Keywords: nuclear industry, complex project, patent, radioactive waste, university

  • Shut-off pipeline valve’s operational indexes perfection

    The brief review of patents vectored to the increase of louvre gate in valve’s impermeability is given. The reasons of insufficient impermeability are analyzed and the main technical solutions on its increase are defined

    Keywords: impermeability, shut-off pipeline valve, gate, operational indexes

  • Diagnostics vibration nodes vehicles by wavelet analysis focused optical image borders

    Background. Methods vibrodiagnostics allow to identify the emergence and development of de-fects at an early stage. Of particular relevance is the use of vibrodiagnostic methods for condition monitoring mechanisms under the simultaneous influence many unpredictable factors, varying operating conditions. The vibration causes blurring the boundaries of the focused image, allow-ing you to build a simple compact optical vibration sensor. (Materials and / or methods). Vibro-diagnostics used method for detecting focused optical im-age nodes being monitored. Determination of vibration parameters produced by wavelet analysis of the luminance distribution boundaries of the focused image. (Results). It is shown that the periodic movement of give in the image boundaries bends function (maxima of the second derivative). Character kinks function determined by the change speed of the change of the image boundaries. Continuous wavelet transform of the luminance distribution on the border of the image at a certain level amplitude vibrations cause the appearance of two maxima curves continuous wavelet transform, the amount of which is reduced proportionally. (Conclusion). Theoretical and experimental studies have shown that the optical image registra-tion allows you to register with the sensitivity of the vibration amplitude of 0.1 - 0.15 pixel ma-trix photo detector. For a pixel size of about 5 microns, a linear increase in the order of the opti-cal system 20 sensitivity in amplitude of vibration may reach values of 0.02 microns, which cor-responds to the sensitivity is achieved by holographic interferometry.

    Keywords: motor vehicle diagnostics units of vehicles, vibration diagnostics, vibration, continuous wavelet transform (CWT)

  • Formation of studies using the measurement system to measure the surface roughness MarSurf XR 20

    This paper proposes a use in the educational process of the instrument MarSurf XR 20. Application consist of performing laboratory work , comprising the development of the measurement algorithm in MarWin, for controlling MarSurf XR unit 20 and processing results. A proposed scheme used to verify the theoretical level of preparedness of the student and also to protect the laboratory work . The evaluation is carried in the form of computer-based testing in the program MyTestX. Presented future prospects for the application installation in the learning process.

    Keywords: surface roughness, laboratory work, MarSurf XR 20, MarWin, MyTestX

  • Features the use of helicopters in logging operations

    The article reflects the contemporary problems of the transport component of the process of logging. The analysis of the financial costs during the development of annual allowable cut, taking into account the construction of roads. The recommendations, the implementation of which contributes to the efficient and cost-effective management of air timber harvesting using a helicopter. The characteristics of the cargo helicopters and slinging mechanisms for logging operations. The calculation of the cycle time of the helicopter on the harvesting operations. Conclusions in areas conducive to efficient use of helicopter logging.

    Keywords: Helicopter timber harvesting, Logging operations hoisting mechanisms, cycle time,

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The paper analyzes the characteristics and features of property management in the residential complex. Established criteria for selecting the main forms of housing management. The types of relations between the owner and property manager, used in the Russian practice. Owners of premises in an apartment building independently choose a method of controlling the home, based on selected criteria, depending on the particular situation.

    Keywords: housing and communal complex, form of governance, reform, apartment building, homeowners, housing

  • Research of process of a disinhibition of the car for the purpose of development of a method of profound diagnosing of brake system

    In article results of the analysis of process of a disinhibition of the car are stated. Dependences of an integrated indicator of a disinhibition from the construction of parameters of brake system are investigated. Approach to development of a method of modern diagnostics of brake system is developed.

    Keywords: diagnosing, car, indicator, braking

  • Scientific approaches to an assessment of a sustainable development of a services sector of the region: sotsio-ekologo-economic aspect

    The main scientific approaches to an assessment of a sustainable development of a services sector are considered. The special aspect becomes on economic, social and environmental issues.

    Keywords: competitiveness, quality of services, certification and services sector declaring, integrated indicator of development of a services sector

  • Level generator for gaming applications

    Currently, there is a certain quantity of different game level generators. However, most of solutions in this segment have typical disadvantages, such as lack of versatility, specialization on specific game level types, game logic or incompatible output data. Some of these solutions require additional software or special hardware, when some of them are encapsulated in a gaming application without any possibility of interaction with user. These problems could be solved by developing partly-automated universal game level generator that supports certain level of human control. Proposed approach involves partial automation of the process of creating game levels. Designed generator is implemented as a dynamic link library that contains all necessary tools for generating game level. The library is the main part of the software package. This library implements several different methods of generating game levels that include functions for generating basic path, creating static geometric objects and placing interactive game objects. This software package also has specific tool for game level designer that allows declaring and designing pluralities of basic level elements which are used by the generator.

    Keywords: game level, game level creation, game level generation, user managed generation, dynamic link library

  • Simulation of social partnership in the system of continuing professional education: research methodology

    The paper presents the theoretical and methodological bases of research in the social partnership system of additional vocational education through building dynamic game-theoretic models of interaction.

    Keywords: social partnership, additional professional education, game theory, simulation

  • National question and national policy in USSR in 1970-1980th: the historiographical analysis experience

    This article represents the analysis of the works of west authors on national question in USSR in 1970-1980th, and also the experience of studying these works. The main historiographical approaches in russian and foreign studies on national question in USSR were also analysed there.

    Keywords: USSR,National question, national relationships historiography, west sovietology, ethnicity, nation, nationalism, national policy of USSR, ethnopolicy

  • Improving methods of tariffs regulation in the scope of water supply and water disposal in the region.

    This article analyzes the trend of developing tariffs for services in the scope of water supply and water disposal in Rostov Region and concludes that they keep growing steadily. The article discloses the main methods of regulation of tariffs for housing and communal services taking into consideration specific characteristics of the water sector of regional economics. It describes highs and lows of the method of economically sound expenses, the method of invested capital profitability, the method of indexation and method of comparison of analogues. It substantiates the perspective of application of double-rate tariffs in the scope of water supply and water disposal of the region.

    Keywords: Tariffs, method of regulation, water supply and water disposal, indexation, double-rate tariffs, regional economics, local natural monopoly.