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Formation of ecological culture technical college students


Formation of ecological culture technical college students

Kamenskaya E.N.

Incoming article date: 25.12.2015

Ecological culture includes dialectically interrelated elements: environmental knowledge, environmental awareness and environmental activities. Environmental knowledge is the basis, the Foundation of an adequate attitude towards environmental problems. In the content of environmental knowledge differentiated socio-environmental and real practical knowledge. Environmental activities covers activities associated with cognition, development, transformation and preservation of the natural environment. Environmental awareness is seen as a higher level of mental reflection of the natural and artificial environment, his inner world, a reflection of the place and role of man in the biological, physical and chemical world. Environmental culture is appropriated by man in the process of environmental education. Environmental education in a broad sense is considered as socialization, the process of mastering by the person of a certain system of ecological knowledge, norms and values that allow it to function as a full member of society. The means of formation of ecological culture are the youth's participation in international, national and regional scientific, ecological and educational research projects on monitoring of the environment, in socially significant actions in support of the protection of nature reserves and nature monuments in the greening of cities, towns, villages, improvement of the ecological environment of residential and business premises. Environmental education in the narrow sense is a part of moral education, the unity of ecological consciousness and behavior, harmonious with nature. Priority areas and mechanisms of formation of ecological culture are: promotion of environmental culture and ethics, the development of an effective national system of ecological education of the population, the organization of a national system of ecological education, ecological culture formation and development of civil society. Formation of ecological culture of students of technical University includes the assimilation of ecological knowledge, the development of ecological consciousness and skills ecologically correct behavior with the use of active learning methods and ethical principles.

Keywords: ecological culture, ecological culture, ecological consciousness, anthropocentric environmental awareness, ecocentric environmental awareness, safety