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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • The phase composition, grain structure and dielectric spectra of the multiferroic Bi1-xGd xFeO3 (0.025≤x≤0.50)

    The investigations of the crystal structure, grain structure and dielectric properties of high-temperature multiferroic Bi1-xGd xFeO3 were carried out over a wide concentration range x = 0.00-0.50.

    Keywords: multiferroic crystal structure, grain structure, dielectric properties

  • Effect of mechanical activation on the dispersion and particle size distribution of the powder for cathode Pd alloys Pd-Ba

    "One of the major drawbacks of modern alloyed metal cathodes Pd-Ba is the inhomogeneous distribution of the intermetallic Pd5Ba in the matrix Pd. This fact leads to an underestimation of life and technical performance of devices of microwave electronics on the basis of the cathodes. A substantial improvement in uniformity of cathode alloys Pd-Ba should lead the operation of mechanical activation of powder Pd, carried out prior to its compression process. The paper studied the effect of mechanical activation on the particle shape, particle size distribution and dispersion of powder Pd. It is shown that mechanical activation results in a substantial reduction in the average size and average particle size of Pd powder, as well as a substantial increase of the specific surface of the particles. The optimal regimes of mechanical activation of powder of Pd with a view to its use for metallosplavnyh cathodes."

    Keywords: alloyed metal cathodes Pd-Ba, mechanical activation, dispersion, particle size distribution, average particle size, surface area, the emission properties

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • The wavelet decompositions as a method of power-generating diagnostic

    The problem of equipment diagnosis for wear and tear is considered in the article. The reduction in expenditure for equipment service maintenance can be reached by early failure detection. For this purpose it is required an extension of diagnosis method. The purpose of the article is the analysis of using wavelet decomposition device for detection of malfunctions of the hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Works of other authors on this subject are analyzed. By means of a mathematical package of the applied MATLAB program the three-dimensional scale gram of wavelet decomposition are constructed. It gives much attention to comparison of widely applied method of Fourier transformation and the low-studied wavelet decomposition method. Two main equations of wavelet decomposition used for the solution of performance targets are considered. Introduction of new transformation algorithm gives more exact and quality assessment of equipment performance.

    Keywords: power-generating diagnostic, vibration-based diagnostics, vibration signal, wavelet decomposition, Fourier transformation

  • Implementation of algebraic attacks on cipher GOST R 34.12-2015

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: encryption algorithm, a symmetric block cipher, substitution box, the algebraic method of cryptanalysis, eXtended Linearization

  • The algorithm of the correlation interferometer, which provides permissible level of methodical error on the basis of accounting topology of the antenna system

    In order to reduce computational costs proposed a comprehensive approach to the development of the algorithm for multi-channel direction finding correlation interferometer, taking into account, as it is methodological error, and the topology of the antenna system.

    Keywords: algorithm direction finding antenna system DF accuracy, correlation interferometer, methodical error

  • Improving the efficiency of the compression of computer graphics using RLE algorithm

    At the speed of the web resource greatly affect loadable external objects. The most common of them - the image. In this connection it becomes actual size reduction loadable computer graphics (images) to reduce the overall size of the web page. Among the least popular compression algorithms algorithms for lossless coding, because of their low efficiency. However, for a certain class of images through the use of its specific features, it is possible to obtain a much higher compression ratio in lossless coding. The authors proposed a modification of the RLE algorithm, which allows to increase the compression ratio of the images with large areas of solid color.

    Keywords: RLE compression algorithm, the compression ratio, data processing, evaluation of the effectiveness of the compression algorithm, the length of the sequence

  • Analysis techniques and methods to create digital models of the human figure, taking into account specific situations

    This paper analyzes the currently used techniques and methods of 3d technologies provide input for the design of clothing. Revealed their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the inability to use for the design of adaptive clothing for people with reduced mobility, to move from the use of wheelchairs. Identified requirements, allowing to develop a new approach to provide input for the design of adaptive clothing for people with reduced mobility.

    Keywords: adaptive clothing, digital mock-figure, three-dimensional scanning, technological complex, wheelchair

  • Model of mesh-network for organization of distributed fault-tolerant data processing

    The new approach to the organization of the fault-tolerant self-organizing network of mesh topology is described in the article. As nodes of a network the devices integrating transceiving and computing modules that allows to implement means of a network not only transmission, but also distributed processing of the sent data are considered. For determination of an optimum route of data transfer on a network the numerical metrics considering length and calculating capacity of the nodes entering a route is defined. The offered metrics allows to create effectively routes on a network taking into account possibility of distributed processing of information on the intermediate nodes of a network. Based on the offered approaches the program model of a distributed processing network of difficult technological objects is realized.

    Keywords: Distributed processing, mesh-networks, networks of mesh topology, routing, fault-tolerant networks

  • A multi-dimensional model of social attitudes for the politically active part of the Rostov region population

    The technique of the multidimensional analysis of socio-political attitudes is shown on a concrete example. The results of questioning which was carried out in the spring of 2014 among the Rostov region population participating in the work of election commissions of the lower level are the basis for work. In total 144 persons were surveyed. On gender and age distribution, and also on socio-economic indexes our sample was typical for the above mentioned population. About 29 characteristics were used as input parameters in model. They were levels of affective and cognitive perception of the local and central authorities, cognitive estimates by respondents of the relation to various parties of socio-political life, the characteristic of a social portrait of respondents. The affective components were determined by technology of semantic differential, with the subsequent calculation within nonlinear approach. All cognitive components were computed by results of direct poll. Entrance sizes were unwrapped a multidimensional cube on a platform of a package of the multidimensional analysis by IBM Cognos. The functions of respondent’s distribution were computed both for separate components, and for various sections of a cube at the exit of model. The analysis for social and economic, national, confessional, territorial, gender profiles is carried out. It was discovered, in particular, the essential peculiarities in the territorial plan for the main leading factors of a conflictogenity (an affective component of political attitudes). Hierarchy of factors of social tension was created It is shown that the presented technique allows to conduct comprehensive investigation of a socio-political condition of any audience.

    Keywords: questioning, semantic differential, affective component, direct poll, cognitive component, multidimensional cube, Cognos, social sections, territorial factor, social tension

  • Subjective perception of political order by students of RSBIU in 2014 – 2015

    The study is based on the results of the survey conducted on the technology of semantic differential in may 2015, RSBIU. The sample consisted of 137 people, and was typical in basic social settings for students. The subjective perception of the political order was calculated under the previously proposed psychosemantic phenomenological model in agent - oriented AnyLogic. Shows the features of the distribution respondents of the levels of perception of local and Central political authorities. At the group statistical level, the difference between the emotional relation to both branches of government are not significant. The average for the study group, the level of perception of 0.04 and 0.1, respectively (with the normalization from -1 to +1). Meanwhile, 52% and 54% of the respondents belong to neutral authorities (level from -0.2 to +0.2), 16% and 14% negative (level < -0,2), and 32% were positive with a level >0,2. Risk group with a strongly negative (level -0,5) with respect to both branches of government is 6% and 8%, respectively. Among this subgroup, it is possible the formation of contentious processes. A comparative analysis with the results of similar studies carried out earlier in may 2014, the last period, the subjective perception was virtually stable. By 2015, there was a slight decrease in the proportion of negative (1% for area and 3% for Russia) configured respondents who have moved to the neutral category. But at the same risk group with a strongly negative attitude to may 2015 increased by 1%.

    Keywords: subjective perception, semantic differential, psychosemantic phenomenological model, distribution function, of the agent-oriented approach, comparative analysis

  • Optimization method of measuring the angle of the phase shift between the two quasi-harmonic signals

    The paper proposes a modification of earlier mentioned method reduces the number of computing operations and improve the accuracy of estimating the phase shift, which is close to the limit set by the Cramer-Rao inequality. The article also presents the results of numerical modeling of systematic and random errors parametric estimation of the phase shift angle of the proposed method.

    Keywords: phase shift quasi-harmonic signal, Cramer-Rao lower band, parametric method

  • Immunological method of the railway vehicle's parts localization based on the clonal selection algorithm

    This article is considered Immunological method of the railway vehicle's parts localization based on the clonal selection algorithm. The advantage of this approach is the use of one-class support vector machine, which allows classifier training with only positive examples. The suggested approach significantly reduces complexity and formation of the training sample set. Immunological localization method has high performance characteristics due to the hybrid application one-class support vector machine and clonal selection algorithm. This allows to optimize the procedure of objects finding in the analyzed image

    Keywords: Immunological localization method, clonal selection algorithm, one-class support vector machine

  • Enhancement of construction of a podklinovy spring of a node of blanking of oscillations of the cart of the freight car means 3D – simulations

    Complex use of CAD and CAE-technologies for enhancement of a podklinovy outer spring of spring suspension of the three-element cart of the freight car of model 18-100 is offered. As the initial prototype the outer spring, development of JSC NPK Uralvagonzavod was selected. Solid modeling and an assessment of the intense deformed status was executed in the instrumental environment Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015. It allowed to receive more rugged construction of a spring in comparison with a basic spring on condition of saving overall dimensions.

    Keywords: the cart of the freight car, podklinovy spring, knot of blanking out of fluctuations, 3d – modeling, strength, durability, working capacity, a frictional chock

  • On the definition of the parameters of the field loosening

    This article describes a new method to determine the geometrical characteristics of the transverse profile (loop) field loosening that occurs during processing of the formation of the soil system deformers chisel plow. This technique allows you to analyze system deformers Subsoilers all types and versions with a depth of 45 cm by loosening and deeper. Full-scale experiment was conducted in field conditions in the experimental field of the Institute FGBNU SKNIIMESKH Zernograd, Rostov region. Showing a comparative study of different models chisel. The parameters of cutting intrasoil walls necessary for the accumulation of subsurface water on cultivated slopes. Application of a new methodology for determining the area of ​​loosening allow the most qualitative loosen the soil without overturning, create new and improve existing designs chisel various modifications.

    Keywords: slope of land, subsurface wall сhisel plow type, region loosening, sample receiver, vaccum system deformers, natural experiment

  • Technical science. Building and architecture

  • Scientific justification for building balance and environmental assessment of production flows in the manufacture of concrete products and structures plants of concrete products and structures

    The article presents the methodological framework for the analysis of manufacturing processes and build scheme balance production flows taking into account environmental, material and energy factors. As an example, for constructing the balance circuit production flows are considered the plant of reinforced concrete products and structures with an appropriate technological process of production of reinforced concrete products and structures.

    Keywords: Balance scheme, production flows, environmental factors, material and energy production factors

  • The effectiveness energy modernization of housing stock

    The structure and content of the energy renovation of the housing stock. Algorithms of calculation of economic efficiency of energy saving measures. The analysis of the impact of energy saving measures on thermal parameters of residential buildings. The practical illustration of the economic effect from implementation of energy saving technologies in the process of complex modernization of the housing stock.

    Keywords: housing, energy conservation, energy modernization, energy-saving measures, economic efficiency, overhaul, optimization

  • Reconstruction of buildings: the main problems and directions. Part 1

    This article discusses the current state of the housing stock in Russia and the need for reconstruction of buildings and structures. One option for recovery of energy efficiency or increasing energy savings of buildings proposed modernization of buildings under the passive house, taking into account the development and implementation of Russian standards.

    Keywords: housing, reconstruction problems, obsolescence, energy saving, passive house

  • Social-economic and social sciences. Economic science

  • The rating of regions on budget performance

    The proposed method of differentiation of regions on budget performance. It is based on the use of mathematical apparatus in the form of multivariate methods to increase the objectivity of the ratings. Most rating approaches suffer from subjectivity of their construction, as the input information use the expert assessment. As a result , the reliability of the rating evaluation depends on the quality of selection of experts.The use of the complex methods of multivariate analysis led to clarifying the place of each region in the budgetary process of the Federation and allowed us to identify the group of leading actors who have balanced budgets and are leading to revenue for the Federal budget.

    Keywords: Budget figure, differentiation of regions, the evaluation criterion, a rating of the region, the competence of the expert, the mathematical formalism of multidimensional method, the budget entity, growth rate, tax and non-tax revenue

  • Tax concessions and their impact on economic development under restrictions of global imbalance

    The article highlights the problem of global imbalance, which are the result of divergence of economic indicators in different countries, which manifests itself not only in the uneven distribution of natural resources, but also in the accelerated growth of emerging economies with the demographic decline in developed countries. The article discloses significance of state regulation instruments used to come out from a recession phase of the global economic crisis, wherein not only financial support of the stability of financial system, but tax incentives designed to encourage entrepreneurship, as a source of economic growth, are effective. Due to chosen strategy and formulated background, tax system reform in the country, held in conjunction with adjustments to the current tax legislation, serves as the most efficient measure to overcome the crisis and get economy back on track. Implementation of this package plan not only meet the needs of the population and make up for human potential, but also stimulate social production, development of its structure and the pace of modernization.

    Keywords: global imbalances, divergence of indicators, restructuring of the national economy, global economic crisis, governmental regulation, tax incentives

  • Issues of assessment and quality of life in modern conditions

    In the article the methodological approaches to the choice of a system of indicators to measure and assess quality of life in the territory. It proposed and substantiated the possibility of using the composite index for the assessment of quality of life at the regional level and to determine the rating of each subject. This method was tested on the example of subjects of the North Caucasus Federal District, followed by the interpretation of the results.

    Keywords: quality of life, the composite index , the human potential , differentiation, regions of North Caucasus Federal District

  • Rail transport in the city as a factor in the growth and sustainability of social and economic development

    The article discusses the functioning of the transport system of the city, revealed problems in the development of urban transport and the role of rail transport, barriers and opportunities of using railways in the city for intercity passenger transportation.

    Keywords: urban transport, intercity rail transportation efficiency, the organization of transportation, sustainability