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  • Effect of mechanical activation on the dispersion and particle size distribution of the powder for cathode Pd alloys Pd-Ba

    "One of the major drawbacks of modern alloyed metal cathodes Pd-Ba is the inhomogeneous distribution of the intermetallic Pd5Ba in the matrix Pd. This fact leads to an underestimation of life and technical performance of devices of microwave electronics on the basis of the cathodes. A substantial improvement in uniformity of cathode alloys Pd-Ba should lead the operation of mechanical activation of powder Pd, carried out prior to its compression process. The paper studied the effect of mechanical activation on the particle shape, particle size distribution and dispersion of powder Pd. It is shown that mechanical activation results in a substantial reduction in the average size and average particle size of Pd powder, as well as a substantial increase of the specific surface of the particles. The optimal regimes of mechanical activation of powder of Pd with a view to its use for metallosplavnyh cathodes."

    Keywords: alloyed metal cathodes Pd-Ba, mechanical activation, dispersion, particle size distribution, average particle size, surface area, the emission properties