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The structure of formation of ecological culture technical university students


The structure of formation of ecological culture technical university students

Tolmacheva L. V.

Incoming article date: 25.12.2015

In the modern world required the restructuring of human interaction with nature. Foundations of the unity of man with nature should be put into the period of his education, training and professionalization. Formation of ecological culture includes the knowledge necessary to solve problems of safety and environmental protection industries; environmental awareness; environmental behaviour. In our understanding of the ecological consciousness of the personality is the realm of individual consciousness to reflect the environmental reality in the form of environmental knowledge, views, evaluation of relations to nature and practice of protecting her, regulating human behavior in the natural environment. Formation of ecological consciousness of students of a technical College based on its evaluation of the developed technological processes, structures and systems from the point of view of rational use of raw materials, electricity, the issues of likelihood of contamination of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, soils in the production process of the developed device, the design of the system; the application of engineering solutions for the protection of the environment, including not only the techniques, methods, apparatuses or systems of air purification and waste water, but also low-waste and wasteless technologies to reduce or eliminate the amount of harmful emissions; projected utilization devices, structures, systems after the development of its resources and decontamination of waste; the use of environmentally friendly technologies. On the basis of analysis of structure of formation of ecological culture is closely connected to its environmental consciousness, environmental responsibility and environmental experiences that influence the use of natural resources, both at global and at regional and local levels of the system. Formation of ecological culture of a person allows to optimize human interaction with the environment, helps to restore inner harmony of personality and its interaction with the surrounding society.

Keywords: Environmental education; environmental awareness; environmental behavior; environmental awareness; environmental responsibility.