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design features kindergartens


design features kindergartens

Y.V. Gorgorova, L.N. Harchenko

Incoming article date: 05.12.2013

The article describes the experience of designing buildings of kindergartens abroad. Recommendations for inclusion in the structure kindergartens new functional groups of rooms : classrooms ( or workshop ) for painting or sculpture , rooms for classes choreography, sensory rooms , apartments or head teachers. When designing recommended organically fit into the existing landscape building ( in kindergarten should be an " openness" to nature ) , to consider the relationship of individual children's gaming halls inside the building with playgrounds on the street. Open and semi patios appropriately addressed as the gaming space . Particular attention should be given to the color scheme of exteriors and interiors , use of natural materials.

Keywords: kindergarten, architecture of kindergarten, kindergarten abroad, foreign experience in designing, designing kindergartens