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Making formwork systems of porous artificial wood


Making formwork systems of porous artificial wood

Abramyan S.G., Oganesyan O.V., Abrahamyan A.S.

Incoming article date: 10.10.2017

The paper underlines the need for use of composite and nano-materials in place of natural materials, which is explained by depletion of global resources and increasing environmental pollution. This is why the focus is currently shifting toward the use of a composite material – porous artificial wood (PID-IV) – developed by the Irkutsk State University for making framework systems required to strengthen rectangular structural elements of buildings and structures. The framework system in question has a deck made of PID-IV. Further, the structural test was carried out in line with the effective regulatory documents, and the use of the suggested framework system was substantiated.

Keywords: composite material, porous artificial wood, formwork deck, design, structural test