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Physical properties of light-emitting sold solutions, isoperiodic gallium antimonide


Physical properties of light-emitting sold solutions, isoperiodic gallium antimonide

Blagin A.V., Blagina L.V., Nefedova N.A., Popova I.G., Politov O.A.

Incoming article date: 18.12.2017

The paper contains an analysis of the results of experiments on obtaining radiative structures based on gallium antimonide, formed by the method of thermal melt migration in a semiconductor matrix. The epitaxial process modes within the selected range were optimized for such parameters as the wavelength corresponding to the fundamental transition, a small lattice discrepancy, a small discrepancy in the coefficients of thermal expansion of the growing TP and the matrix. An original effect is described - an increase in the solubility of the Bi content in solid solutions, isoperiodic binary compounds A3B5 under conditions of a gradient temperature field. This effect allows a wide variation in the optical parameters of the element base of instruments based on solid solutions of GaSbBi / GaSb. The mechanisms of the generation of dislocations in a crystallized solid solution and the features of electrophysical and photoelectric parameters are analyzed. A structural solution of a light-emitting diode with strip geometry is proposed.

Keywords: thermomigration, solid solutions, gradient epitaxy, diode with fine mes, gallium antimonide, fundamental transition, photoluminescence spectra