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Radiating profile array antenna


Radiating profile array antenna

Kirichenko I. A.

Incoming article date: 20.11.2018

The paper deals with the theoretical substantiation of the directional properties of the antenna arrays of a parametric profilograph intended for installation on an underwater uninhabited apparatus. A feature of such systems is the structural limitations of the overall dimensions of the carrier, which do not allow the antenna system to be implemented on the principles of linear hydroacoustics in the radiation mode. To solve this problem, we simulated the directional properties of the antenna arrays of the pump converter of a parametric profilograph. The directivity characteristics calculated for the center frequency of pumping in the diametral and traverse planes make it possible to take into account the expansion of the directivity of the radiating antenna when compensating for specified angles. The obtained values ​​of the estimation of the change in the directivity characteristic by the level of 0,7 make it possible to ensure the necessary axial concentration ratio of the radiating antenna of the profilograph for each of the working frequencies.

Keywords: parametric profilograph, bottom survey, pumping antenna, directional characteristic, scanning, side-lobe level