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Optimization of the characteristics of the receiving antenna profilograph


Optimization of the characteristics of the receiving antenna profilograph

Kirichenko I. A.

Incoming article date: 20.11.2018

The paper deals with the optimization of characteristics and justification of the directional properties of the receiving antenna of a parametric profilograph. A feature of such systems is their performance in the form of a separate receiving channel, providing high sensitivity, the possibility of matching with the receiving-amplifier path and the best signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, the receiving antenna must provide for the required overall limitations the required angular resolution in the entire sector of the review. In solving these problems, the simulation was performed on the directional properties of the antenna receiving antenna. The issues of optimizing the layout of the antenna system and the use of cylinders on the transverse piezoelectric effect as elements of the receiving antenna are considered. The question of eliminating the influence of the thickness of the fill of the receiving antenna on the transparency coefficient is considered, which allows to ensure the necessary sensitivity of the receiving antenna.

Keywords: Kirichenko I. A.