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Possible potential of using various wastes to create biofertilizers


Possible potential of using various wastes to create biofertilizers

Abuzov A.V., Dahova E.V., Shevchuk A.S., Barkhatov K.A.

Incoming article date: 14.05.2023

The paper considers the possibility of using waste from the forest industry, construction waste and ash and slag waste from boiler heating as a basis for the creation of biofertilizers and components that improve the structure of heavy soils. The analysis of experience on the impact of crushed bricks, coniferous and leaf litter with the inclusion of wood components, and ash and slag waste of boiler heating on the growth functions of red clover and watercress over various time intervals is presented. The possibility of using the presented waste in the process of self-infestation of territories is considered. A number of experiments have been conducted to identify the phytotoxic effect, as well as the reaction of general inhibition or stimulation of growth indicators of higher plants when used as a substrate in pure form, or a mixture with natural soil, wood components, samples of ash and slag waste of various shelf life, brick fighting.

Keywords: forest industry waste, construction waste, broken bricks, ash and slag waste, self-fouling, phytotoxicity, soil structure, morphological changes of plants