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  • Model of application of system mimo for suppression of reflections from the surface of earth in the way beamforming

    Suppression of a signal reflected from the underlying surface is being performed for the cause of location of the low-lying objects. Since the spectral characteristics of the signal and noise match, spatial difference is formed by oblique irradiation. Spatial differences are allocated by the radiation pattern. The suppression is performed by forming the zero value in the equivalent radiation pattern. The equivalent radiation pattern is a section of a generalized ambiguity function of the signals. The graphs of equivalent diagrams are shown for several areas of suppression in the view sector. The adaptive system is performing the equivalent radiation pattern zero-value scan of the underlying surface in the view sector. These algorithms are successfully applied to the MIMO system. A feature of the MIMO system is spotted in the task of forming zero values of the equivalent radiation pattern.  

    Keywords: MIMO, underlying surface, ambiguity function, adaptive system, passive noise

  • Preparation of a color system of the early twentieth century

    The article deals with the preparation of the leading schools of art of the early twentieth century in Germany and Russia. Determined the reasons for leaving between classical training and subsequent return to the system of art education to the academicism.

    Keywords: coloristics, art education, color, professional education

  • Multidiagnostics system for patients with postural deficits and algorithm for recognizing stabilographic signals

      Work is connected with the synthesis of information behavior of groups of autonomous intelligent agents of biomedical research, and machine learning methods to ensure the reliability of the forecast increase in their behavior using multi-agent systems based on the use of bionic principles, methods and models of swarm intelligence. Developed multi-agent system simulates the behavior of groups of autonomous intelligent agents developed methods to meet the proposed criteria of reliability, differing form the structure of the system and developed a set of specialized agents that provides the capability to model a group of biomedical robotics using autonomous intelligent agents. Classifier of stabilographic signals on the basis of Parzen method was developed. These data indicate that the auxiliary symptoms resulting from multidimensional scaling much more informative initial attributes.

    Keywords: Intelligent agent, multidiagnostics, Parzen classifier

  • Information about authors (№4 p.2, 2012)

    Information about authors of issue №4 p.2 (2012)

    Keywords: authors

  • Information about authors (№4, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors