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  • Comparative analysis of the syntactic parsers organization

    The article describes peculiarities of modern syntax parser systems and problems originating in text analysis. As a result of comparative analysis the authors propose a unified approach to processing of unstructured texts in Russian and English which combines morphology and syntax processing. The developed syntax analysis system, using verbs’ valency dictionary, samples of minimal structural schemes of sentences and samples of conjunctions, allows choosing predicative structures of sentences in the text, realizing initial semantic analysis due to semantic content of predicate’s actants and building trees of syntactical subordination of sentences. The derived trees hold elements of tree of constitutives and tree of dependences. The proposed samples and rules organization allows resolving some of the problems of modern parsers. And the use of verbs’ valency dictionary allows reducing the number of sentences syntax analysis variants.

    Keywords: automatic text processing; syntax parser; morphological analysis; structural text elements

  • Theoretical features of management of organizational conflict in modern management

    Article is devoted to aspects of management, aimed at investigating the nature of organizational conflict in order to identify the causes and possible management. Relevance of the topic emphasized by the fact that the study of conflict, its causes, and the methods and means of management emerged relatively recently and now, when the Russian economy is going through a stage of radical reform, this aspect of management is of interest for many researchers. Since the conflict in terms of joint activities of people are able to reduce labor productivity, it is necessary as soon as possible to anticipate. Particularly noteworthy are the management of organizational conflicts, as in the current economic development organization is a key participant in the economic relations and the conflicts that arise in this subject in need of early detection and effective management.

    Keywords: organizational conflict resolution, management, conflict management, the concept

  • "Blooming" blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) - a variety of emergency situations in reservoirs

    Strengthening of processes of eutrophication and toxification reservoirs examined in the aspect of emergency. Shows the negative effects of "bloom" of blue-green mikrvodorosley and proposed approaches to localization and liquidation of emergency situations caused by their massive development.

    Keywords: emergencies, water, cyanobacteria, "bloom" of blue-green algae, toxification, eutrophication

  • Modeling and optimization of cycles of development of decisions at management of the automated production

      Optimization of cycles of development of decisions at management of the automated production is considered. Dependence of validity on option of the organization of process of development of the decision is considered. Statements of optimizing tasks for definition of distribution of time of obtaining the decision for various contours of management are given.

    Keywords: optimization, management cycle, model, process of development of decisions

  • Information about authors (№3, 2012)

    Information about authors of issue №3 (2012)

    Keywords: authors

  • Information about authors (№4, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors