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  • Technological methods of ensuring the fatigue strength of elastic elements

    As a rule, the information they have guides for fatigue testing geometrical designs, gives only the evaluation of the characteristics and design lay stock in several, and sometimes in tens times exceeds the tensile strength of the material. And saving of material, from the point of view of obsolescence, product should be developed on a certain resource. For details, which operate in the field of elastic deformations and calculated in operation for a given mode of operation should lay in the design of the guaranteed resource. To do this, for example, compensating coupling method is suggested, which is based on the calculation methods of CAD/CAM/CAE/CSE NX 7.5 and field tests considering the impact of technology of surface hardening. The character of strain in «elastic element» in NX 7.5. The calculations of the elastic element module «flexible body» NX 7.5, but due to the fact that the calculation is impossible to consider technological parameters of manufac-turing is conducted equivalent full-scale tests. Accordingly, designed and built a stand for equiva-lent tests. Finally, for comparison, is a computer simulation to calculate large displacements and complicated movements of the coupling. For this we used the application NX 7.5 «Simulation of kinematic mechanisms» with the attraction tools «Flexible body».

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Key component of a personnel management system

    Selection of shots – one of key components of a personnel management system. Trial and error methods of the personnel share on active and passive, and sources of attraction of shots – external and internal. Active trial and error methods use, in the majority when on a labor market demand exceeds the offer. Passive trial and error methods use when the offer on a labor market exceeds demand. Most widespread of passive methods can call placement of announcements in which the name of open vacancy, requirements to competitors is indicated to a position, work terms of payment. To external sources of attraction of the shots, applied most actively, rank: the announcement on television, in newspapers, on radio, on the Internet; visit by employees of the company of educational institutions; appeal to the centers of employment of the population and staff recruitment agency. Search plus in the company is that fact that when filling vacancy to this position the person familiar with orders of the organization, with its personnel and rate of work that is pledge of successful work gets. The worker adapts for a new position easier. Advantage of an internal set is an increase of motivation at employees to better performance of duties. One more plus – comparative low cost in comparison with external. Qualitatively new approach to selection of the shots arriving for work in the prestigious companies is offered. The experts possessing desire and ability of strategic planning of development of business and as persons are necessary for the advanced company.  

    Keywords: personnel, selection, selection, integrated approach, strategic thinking, profit, collective

  • Information about authors (№1, 2007)

    • Abstract

    Information about authors of issue №1 (2007)

    Keywords: authors