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  • The analysis of standard defects of the failed details of motionless interfaces of vehicles

    The technique of carrying out certification of the failed details of motionless interfaces is presented in article on the example of research of case details (transmissions, transfer cases, bridges) the car on technical condition of seats under bearings. It is shown that the majority of cases of transmissions, transfer cases, bridges come to repair with plus deviations of diameter of landing openings.

    Keywords: defect, car, interface, certification, maximum deviation, seat, bearing, technical condition

  • Comparative analysis of the syntactic parsers organization

    The article describes peculiarities of modern syntax parser systems and problems originating in text analysis. As a result of comparative analysis the authors propose a unified approach to processing of unstructured texts in Russian and English which combines morphology and syntax processing. The developed syntax analysis system, using verbs’ valency dictionary, samples of minimal structural schemes of sentences and samples of conjunctions, allows choosing predicative structures of sentences in the text, realizing initial semantic analysis due to semantic content of predicate’s actants and building trees of syntactical subordination of sentences. The derived trees hold elements of tree of constitutives and tree of dependences. The proposed samples and rules organization allows resolving some of the problems of modern parsers. And the use of verbs’ valency dictionary allows reducing the number of sentences syntax analysis variants.

    Keywords: automatic text processing; syntax parser; morphological analysis; structural text elements

  • Process Dynamics Modeling on the Base of Text Corpus Sequence Analysis

    The represented approach of dynamic process modeling is based on the technology of automatical semantic text analysis. An associative network is forming during text processing. Its key notions, including  lexical and psycholinguistic markers of the analyzed process, are ranked by theirs semantic weight. The weight being multiplied by marker status value at the scale of “good-bad” gives its contribution to the process stage characteristic. Transformation of the accumulated for all of the markers process characteristic from one period of time to another one is characterize a direction of the process.

    Keywords: automatical text processing, associative (homogenous semantic) network, process dynamic modeling, social processes, lexical and psycholinguistic markers

  • Information about authors (№4, 2013)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2013)

    Keywords: authors

  • Dynamic analysis of body garbage truck handler

      Results of investigation into oscillating pattern of garbage track operation in production mode are presented. Nature of car frame vibrations, lifting angle of handler and their impact on generation of force inside the system «grabbing device – container – grabbing device» subject to damping are determined.

    Keywords: garbage truck, handler, grabbing device, free damped oscillations, generation of force