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  • Method of compensation offset voltage operational amplifiers with classical input stages based current mirrors

    Are considered method of reducing one of the most essential components of the voltage offset Uvo operational amplifiers (op-amp), executed on classical architecture with current mirrors, which is linked to the change current gain of base (β) bipolar transistors in conditions of temperature and radiation effects.
    To solve this problem in the basic architecture of op-amp is entered special corrective multipole, which will provide low-current asymmetry in coordination of input differential stage (DS). The method is applicable to op-amp, which is inexpedient to make any adjustments to the original structure of the DS. 
    The analytical expressions determining basic parameters the compensation circuits Uvo, and also shows the tabular data that simplify the choice of standard functional components of precision op-amps.  

    Keywords: microelectronics, circuit design, a differential amplifier, operational amplifier, voltage offset, temperature drift, the effect of radiation on the zero level

  • Information about authors (№4, 2010)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2010)

    Keywords: authors