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  • Modeling of distributive processes on the basis of dynamic problems of vector optimization

    The dynamic model of continuous distribution process allowing on the basis of sampling in time to reduce the corresponding generalized dynamic task to a problem of vector conditional optimization is considered. By means of optimization of weight coefficients of the scalar criteria encapsulated in criteria rollup on the basis of the generalized functional ratio expressing understanding of an intercriteria compromise the possibility of establishment of the most acceptable quantitative preferences between alternatives is shown. The offered approach allows to regulyarizirovat algorithms of dynamic planning for single-product distribution systems, having eliminated the developed obvious dependence of optimization process and results of adoption of multicriteria decisions on expert procedures and heuristic factors.

    Keywords: distribution systems, dynamic processes, mathematical modeling, vector optimization, multicriteria decision making, parametrical rollup of criteria, alternatives and compromise

  • Evolutionary approach to modeling of the distribution processes

    Considered the proposed approach to the allocation of resource flows. The approach developed on the basis of the method of bee colonies. Experimentally determined the dependence of the error of the algorithm of the problem dimension. Shows the dependence of the distribution of resources from a number of iterations, and the power of the swarm, and dynamics approximation of the distribution to the optimum.

    Keywords: optimization, distribution, collective adaptation, evolution, the error of the algorithm

  • Two-channel precision converter voltage-to-pulse

      In this paper for the solution of the transformation "voltage-to-pulse" is proposed implemented in CMOS basis (technical process SGB25VD) structure based on high-frequency converter and comparator multiplexer with symmetrical hysteresis. Increasing the accuracy of the transformation achieved by the proposed method switching input voltages, excluding the through-analog switches. The results of computer simulation confirmed the effectiveness of the developed structure. Practical implementation of an analog-to-digital converter has shown that the proposed method of construction reduces the technological requirements for the components of the system-on-chip and increase its productivity.

    Keywords: system-on-chip, analog-to-digital converter, structure, multiplexer, switching, measurement error, comparator, integrator

  • Information about authors (№4, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors