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  • Problems of designing a new school complex for 1,400 students in a residential area "Leventsovsky" the city of Rostov-on-Don

    This article discusses the design of complete large- schools, school building maintenance problems complexes contradictions relevant requirements of normative documents . Analyzes the space-planning decisions , tsvetofakturnye using modern environmentally friendly and durable materials and technologies in the finish, including vandal-proof coating. Designers have been carefully studied dedicated land for future construction of a school complex with a view to the most rational "landing" of the school building , to provide the necessary sanitary requirements , insolation and aeration territory , reliable solution that reduces the cost of running the building.

    Keywords: design, stroiteotstvo, space-planning decisions, decoration, interior

      In article negative influence of polymeric construction materials on a human body and surrounding his environment is shown, and also results of earlier carried out tests are given. The construction material – fiberfoamconcrete, which proved as a material possessing low heat conductivity, at the expense of strong porous structure of mezhporovy partitions is revealed modern constructional and heatinsulating.

    Keywords: fiberfoamconcrete, polymers, heat insulating materials, fire safety, construction materials

  • Information about authors (№4, 2008)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2008)

    Keywords: authors