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  • Stability of the ordinary chernozem to the combined contamination with lead and the electromagnetic field

    The article discusses the stability of the chernozem biological properties in the combined pollution of lead and an alternating magnetic field. Soil parameters such as the activity of catalase and dehydrogenase, soil biomass, soil phytotoxicity are considered. The main contribution to the change in the biological properties of the soil in the combined pollution by lead and an alternating magnetic field makes lead pollution. The contamination alternating magnetic field with a high level of induction (3000 mkTl) over only reduces the amount of lead pollution of soil biomass, but increases the activity of soil enzymes. At a lower level of induction (300-1500 mkTl) with combined pollution increases the activity of enzymes and biomass is virtually identical to the activity only if contaminated with lead. Phytotoxicity indicators of soil pollution with lead and an alternating magnetic field induction of 300 mkTl did not differ from those of soil contamination only lead, but with an increase in the level of induction to the 1500-3000 mkTl phytotoxicity indicators declined in comparison with the lead pollution at 18-27%.

    Keywords: soil, combined pollution, alternating magnetic field, lead, biological properties of soils