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  • On improving the quality of fine-grained concrete on fine sands

    Due to the depletion of the natural base of non-metallic minerals used for the production of high quality aggregates for concrete, and also because of the significant damage to the environment when working sartirovochnyh crushing plants becomes relevant greater use of fine-grained concrete on local , not always of high-quality materials. Rostov region has large reserves of river small and very fine sand , not suitable for the preparation of concrete mixes. The article suggests ways to improve the quality of fine concrete local fine sands with the introduction of their composition from fine mineral filler (the TMN ), the role of which carry waste production and processing opal - carbonate- kristabolitovyh kremnizemistyh flasks Maslovskoye deposit Rostov region. Chosen route of administration mikronaponitelya and optimal dosage , to analyze the impact of THM on Water-solid, water-cement ratio and the strength of concrete .

    Keywords: fine-grained concrete on fine sands, mill ground mineral fillers, mikronapolnyayuschy effect flask, gain strength