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  • Organizational and technological solutions for the restoration of a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation slab located in conditions of high humidity

    Over time reinforced concrete construction tend to lose their strength properties. An important factor in maintaining the integrity of reinforced concrete structures is the compliance of the parameters of the erected structure with its design values and operating conditions. Otherwise, the likelihood of defects such as the formation of cracks in the protective layer and corrosion of reinforcement increases. There are methods for restoring reinforced concrete structures that can return the strength characteristics to the design level or even exceed it.

    Keywords: restoration of the protective layer, repair, inhibitor, adhesion, corrosion, penetrating waterproofing, chemical anchor, foundation, shotcreting

  • Information security as an element of economic security

    This article discusses and demonstrates the need for writing and functioning of a high-quality information security system for a modern enterprise that performs activities in various fields (industry, energy, humanitarian activities, etc.). Its role in creating conditions is also analyzed. for the economic security of the organization itself and the country as a whole. The paper presents the current classification of information security threats. The activities that are aimed at protecting data in the world of the modern world are analyzed once again, and examples of activities aimed at protecting data in the world of the modern world are given, as well as an example of the most common reasons for its leakage today.

    Keywords: information security, economic security of an enterprise, information protection, threats and risks of information security, artificial intelligence

  • Analysis and development of an emergency rescue tool

    The article considers the analysis of a manual mechanized tool for rescuing victims from rubble and traffic accidents. The statistics provided by the GUOBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are given, where traffic accidents in Tyumen and the Tyumen region are displayed. The advantages and disadvantages of a mechanized rescue tool are described. A study was carried out on the modernization of rescue tools, a design for reverse sharpening of the cutting element of hand shears was proposed to prevent bending and jamming of the metal.

    Keywords: power tool, hand tool, emergency, traffic accident, research

  • Design of articulated pneumatic roller for construction of winter highways

    In the Russian Federation, there are settlements that can only be reached by special equipment: swamp walkers, SUVs. Permanent access to such settlements is hindered by swamps, rivers, etc. Temporary winter roads "autozymniki" are laid to such settlements in winter. The construction of "autozymers" includes several stages: the preparatory stage, the main stage of construction, operation of the autozymer and disposal. If a temporary winter road passes through swamps, then it is advisable to push such soils with tractors with widened tracks or tracked tractors. The article proposes the design of a articulated pneumatic roller for the construction of winter highways, and also carried out a design calculation including: calculation of resistance to movement, hydraulic calculation, selection of hydraulic equipment.

    Keywords: winter road, machinery, automobile winter road, pneumatic roller, washing of swampy grounds, calculation

  • Econometric and balance mathematical models as tools for evaluating the effectiveness of R&D results

    The article represents the results of the research of economic effectiveness of NIIOKR results. There are investigated the possibilities of using mathematic models for the evaluation of scientific production, the opportunities of its introduction into the economic practice.

    Keywords: mathematic models, prognosis, economic effectiveness, economically valuable features, sorts

  • Nonlinear Magnet Shielding Coefficient Meter

    The article describes a device designed to measure the shielding coefficient of a magnetic field in the near zone and its dependence on the frequency of changes in the magnetic field. The screening coefficient is measured taking into account the nonlinearity of the characteristics of the material from which the magnetic screen is made. The test action generation module sets the current flowing through the coil containing a superposition of DC and AC signals. The presence of a constant component in the test exposure makes it possible to compensate for an external constant or slowly changing magnetic field and thereby reduce the error in determining the shielding coefficient. The results of measuring the frequency dependence of the magnetic field shielding coefficient in the near zone, as well as the main characteristics of the created device are presented.

    Keywords: screening coefficient, nonlinear magnetometer, screening coefficient meter, magnetometry, digital attenuator, hall magnetometer, magnetic field compensation

  • Overview of structures and design of a mobile pellet production plant

    The article discusses the production and use of environmentally friendly fuel - pellets. A review of the designs of mobile pellet production plants was carried out, the advantages and disadvantages of these designs were identified. Potential consumers of pellets and equipment (heating boilers for which pellets are the fuel) are considered. A mobile complex for the production of pellets on the chassis of the MSN-10-004-03 . The technology of pellet production using a mobile mobile installation is described.

    Keywords: pellets, mobile plant, design, biofuels, production technology

  • The state and development trends of the regional market of table and sparkling wines (on the example of the Rostov region)

    The article presents the results of a study of the economic efficiency of winemaking in the Rostov region, the state and development trends of the regional market for table and sparkling wines in the northern zone of viticulture.

    Keywords: winemaking, wine production, efficiency, wine market, share of wine in the regional market

  • Numerical simulation and experimental study of a liquid cooling system of a computer based on ferrofluids

    The key parameter of any cooling system is the heat transfer coefficient. The article deals with the issue of studying the dependence of the thermal resistance of the heat exchanger of a liquid cooling system based on ferrofluids and the heat transfer coefficient on the parameters of the fluid flow and the magnetic field in the heat exchanger. The study was carried out by numerical simulation and thermophysical experiment. A feature of the considered cooling system is the coolant. A ferromagnetic liquid based on Fe3O4 magnetites and propylene glycol is used as a coolant. As a result, a numerical model for calculating the heat transfer coefficient for an experimental liquid cooling system is obtained. The influence of the magnetic field on the thermal resistance of the system and the heat transfer coefficient of the wall-liquid at various magnitudes of the magnetic field strength is estimated. An experimental dependence has been obtained showing an increase in the heat transfer coefficient up to 12.5% when a magnetic field is applied.

    Keywords: numerical model of heat transfer, liquid cooling system, Laplace equation, thermal management, CPU, ferrofluid, percolation, heat transfer coefficient, nanofluid, magnetic field, electronics cooling

  • Predicting the state of a stochastic system on electrified railways

    Stochastic systems are systems in which changes are random. In which the predicted values depend on a probability distribution. An example of a stochastic system in a power system, the operation of which is affected by many random factors, their analysis and control will allow you to control the safe cycle and reliability of operation. Currently, there are methods and mathematical tools that allow us to estimate the likelihood of any phenomenon and situation with acceptable accuracy, however, they are practically not used to solve this problem on electrified railway transport. Therefore, the work summarizes the existing methods of probabilistic forecasting, and gives recommendations on their application to solve the existing problematic of the issue. Further, the paper shows a method for determining the probability of failure of a constituent structural element of any, arbitrarily complex, stochastic system, to which the contact network of electrified railways belongs. In the conclusion of the work, an elementary method-oriented software tool with the functional purpose of automating statistical methods for solving problems of primary data processing and calculating elementary statistics in the process of risk management is proposed, as well as loading and maintaining a database that is subsequently oriented to the principles of machine learning.

    Keywords: electrified railways, stochastic systems, operational reliability, probability of failure, forecasting

  • Simulation models of functioning of distributed information processing systems and their software implementation

    The paper describes the main agents, with their components and process diagrams, of the developed simulation model of the functioning of the distributed information processing system, created in the AnyLogic software environment. A method for constructing models with self-similar traffic is described. The article also presents a method for obtaining real (reference) indicators of the average response time of the system to user requests. The results of numerical experiments on the created models of the functioning of distributed information processing systems with self-similar traffic are presented. The main conclusions about the performed experiments are presented.

    Keywords: distributed information processing system, self-similar flow, average system response time, simulation, object-oriented concept, agent-based and discrete-event modeling

  • On the causes of premature destruction of roofs made of polymer membranes

    The article reveals the problem of unreasonable overestimation of the durability of roofs made of polymer membranes, which was allowed during their mass introduction in our country in construction and repair and construction production. The article contains a description and illustrations of characteristic cracks that have arisen on a large area of ​​the membrane roof, which have brought it into an inoperative state. The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the causes of the origin of these cracks, including the influence of the design features of membrane roofs, the aggressive effect of solar radiation and large hail on them. It is concluded that it is necessary to choose more UV-resistant polymer roofing membranes.

    Keywords: construction, building, membrane roof, polymer membrane, durability, aggressive effects, hail, damage, cracks, inoperable condition

  • Simulating of an optical vector analyzer with high-resolution and high-accuracy based on optical double-sideband modulation and stimulated Brillouin scattering

    The article discusses an optical vector analyzer with high resolution and high accuracy based on optical double-sideband modulation and stimulated Brillouin scattering. A model of an optical vector analyzer is presented.

    Keywords: optical vector analyzer, double-sideband modulation, stimulated Brillouin scattering, fiber Bragg grating with phase shift, simulation, Optisystem

  • Verification of the electronic model of the thermal network by "equivalent absolute roughness"

    The article substantiated the need to create electronic models of heating systems using BIM and GIS technologies. It is indicated that the original model data is needed correctly. The theoretical basis for determining the specific drop in pressure in thermal networks is given and its functional dependence on the size of the equivalent absolute roughness of the pipeline walls is established. The dependence of the change in the equivalent absolute roughness on the life of the pipeline is given. References to literature containing the most complete base of values equivalent to absolute roughness are given. A combined hydrometric graph of the hydraulic heating system modes at different values of the equivalent absolute roughness is given. Recommendations for verification of the electronic model have been given.

    Keywords: electronic model, hydraulic mode, pressure drop, heat carrier, hydraulic friction factor, equivalent to absolute roughness, verification

  • Study of pollution of fine airborne dust in roadside areas

    The article addresses issues related to the definition of particulate matter characteristics in the air of roadside areas. Fine suspended solid particles (TPM) of different size -10 and 2.5 μm are one of the main characteristics of atmospheric air quality. When monitoring the air environment on the maintenance of the firm weighed particles two indicators are used and normalized: PM2.5, PM10 are the firm weighed particles (English Particulate Matter, PM) with an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 microns or less; Solid suspended particles with aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less. Dust particles from traffic are seen as an increasingly important source of air pollution, as the vehicle fleet is increasing worldwide, hence exhaust gas emissions, as well as particles from tire abrasion and road surface wear. Studies were carried out on the dust content of the roadside territories of the city of Volgograd. The article also pays attention to air quality indices, which will be used in monitoring the air environment of urban areas.

    Keywords: motor transport, dust, road dust, the firm weighed particles, PM2.5, PM10, the atmosphere, the air environment, ecology, ecology of the urbanized territories, environmental safety