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  • Quality control of agricultural machinery parts by dynamic non-destructive methods

    The problem of control of strength characteristics of agricultural machine parts by dynamic non-destructive methods of impact indentation of conical shape is considered. The quality of the most important parts is considered in terms of the set of mechanical characteristics that determine the strength, hardness, wear resistance and deformability. These characteristics should be known and be able to quickly and accurately control all parts both during production and during operation. The mechanical properties of metals are stochastic. For this purpose, a device for impact indentation was developed and a method based on the probabilistic laws of dispersion of mechanical characteristics was developed.

    Keywords: agricultural machines, reliability, quality control, mechanical characteristics, Weibull law, non-destructive testing, impact indentation

  • Stress-strain state of a reinforced bimodule beam with different fixing options

    The paper deals with statically determinate and statically indeterminate reinforced beams of a rectangular cross-section of bimodule material loaded with a uniformly distributed load. Since for heterogeneous materials, the elastic modulus for tension and compression are different, the work aimed to study the influence of different boundary conditions in statically indeterminate beams on SSS. It is shown that the magnitude of the maximum normal stresses is less than the stresses found without taking into account the bimodule nature of the beam material, both in statically determinate and in statically indeterminate beams. The maximum normal stress and maximum deflection decrease with the transition to a statically indeterminate beam from a similarly statically determined beam by replacing the supports. The method used in work makes it possible to clarify the calculation of strength and rigidity, taking into account the bimodule nature of the material of the reinforced beams, and also to select the optimal fastening of the beams that ensure the bearing capacity of the structure with material saving.

    Keywords: reinforced beam, heterogeneity, bimodule material, stress-strain state, normal stresses, deflection, statically indeterminate scheme, bearing capacity, strength, deformability

  • The problem for static conical indentation into the surface hardened area

    The paper considers the actual problem of an assessment of mechanical characteristics of two-layer materials by nondestructive methods (a method of conical indentation). The calculation of the process of indentation into two-layer medium by the finite element method with ANSYS program. The influence of layer thickness on the parameters of the indentation is considered.

    Keywords: conical indenter, nondestructive testing, mechanical properties, strength tests of metal, finite element method, hardness, surface hardening

  • The calculation of the stiffness of the plate, reinforced by ribs on elastic Foundation by the method of Bubnov-Galerkin

    The paper considers arbitrarily supported arbitrarily loaded reinforced plate.on an elastic Foundation. Reinforced rods are parallel to the sides of the plate.. the Location and number of terminals is arbitrary. The shape and size of the rods is arbitrary. Plastro is considered as structurally orthotropic. To determine the deflection of the plate used in the method of Bubnov - Galerkin. The obtained expression-x) for the governing equations relative to the deflection plates.

    Keywords: reinforced plate, elastic Foundation, structural orthotropism, the method of Bubnov - Galerkin

  • Calculation of the strength of reinforced beams with an aggregate of bimodulus of elasticity material with the use of different theories of strength

    The paper considers arbitrarily supported arbitrarily loaded reinforced, beam with an aggregate of bimodulus of elasticity material. Formulas for determination of the tangential stresses arising in the aggregate, subject to the reinforced elements. Formulas are obtained for principal stresses occurring at an arbitrary point in the aggregate, as well as the equation for determining the point where major stresses reach extreme values. Are terms of strength as the classical theories of strength, and strength criteria applied for calculation of constructions made of bimodulus of elasticity material.

    Keywords: reinforced beam, bielastic modulus, stress, normal concrete, strength criteria.

  • Methods of experimental study of pre-stressed in the sample at the indentation of the indenter

    The problem of a radial compressive stress in the sample to assess their impact on the parameters of these stresses pressing indentors

    Keywords: Diagnostics, resource efficiency, mechanical properties, strength, ductility, hardness, toughness, nondestructive testing, destructive

  • The problem of implementing a static conical indenter into the region with radial initial stresses

    We consider the problem of pressing a conical indenter in pre-compressed radial force elastoplastic medium. The influence of the initial stresses on the parameters of the indentation.

    Keywords: Diagnostics, resource efficiency, mechanical properties, strength, ductility, hardness, toughness, nondestructive testing, destructive