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  • On the synthesis of nanocomposite FeNi3/C under IR heating and its application to high-density magnetic recording

    The synthesis of nanocomposite FeNi3/C based on the PAN, FeCl3 · 6H2O and NiCl2 · 6H2O, whereby the first time by the IR heating at 400 ÷ 700 ° C obtained nanocomposite FeNi3/C FeNi3 particle size of 10 to 80 nm are uniformly distributed UM. Using thermodynamic calculations based on the minimization of the Gibbs energy, confirmed the synthesis of nanocomposite FeNi3/C at T=400 ° C reduction of Fe and Ni with H2, produced during the process of carbonization of polyacrylonitrile with infrared heating. Designed as a nano material of the films can be effectively used as a carrier material for a magnetic information recording superdense. Recording density is achieved in such a carrier (85-100) Gb/dyuym2. ​

    Keywords: nanocomposite, polyacrylonitrile, infrared heating, recording information, the magnetic properties, the carbon matrix

  • The influence of some water-repellent additives on the change in the strength of cement stone

    The article briefly describes the history пояявления hydrophobic cements. Considered one of the прспективных directions for the use of water-repellent additives today - in the dry construction mixtures and confirmed the significance of this direction. The article describes the results of experiments on the impact on the indicators of a cement-sandy solution additives series GMI and the analysis of the received data  

    Keywords: hydrophobic cement, hydrophobic additives, dry construction mixtures, porosity of a cement stone, strength cement-sandy solution, involving air, antifoam, antifoam agent