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  • Development and research the effectiveness of the adaptive controller algorithm

    The paper considers an adaptive on-off regulator. A block diagram of this device is given, and the sequence of operation of the blocks is also described. Simulation modeling of various types of on-off regulators was carried out in order to identify their effectiveness.

    Keywords: automation, adaptive regulation, regulators, simulation

  • Implementation of soil moisture sensor to ensure the improvement of the quality of irrigation automatic system

    Currently, one of the main problems of our time is to improve the ecology of the regions. Green areas can contribute to this, however, the southern region of Russia is caused by a dry summer period. In this regard, there is the task of ensuring high-quality irrigation, which is often carried out by automated systems. However, without feedback, it is extremely difficult to bring the process to the proper level of quality. To do this, use humidity sensors, the price of which inevitably leads to a strong appreciation of the system. This article discusses the possibility and feasibility of developing and implementing its own moisture sensor that would meet such positive criteria as low cost, high accuracy and wide range of measurements, high corrosion resistance, versatility of application.

    Keywords: soil moisture sensor, automation, irrigation, capacitive measurement method, microcontroller, Southern Federal District

  • Prototype of a multichannel digital ammeter

    In this article, a prototype of a multichannel digital ammeter will be considered. The structural scheme and algorithm of the program for the microcontroller is presented.

    Keywords: ammeter, digital ammeter, multichannel digital ammeter, prototype ammeter, Hall sensor, Hall effect

  • Identification of plunger model of electrohydraulic servo of wicket gate system for diagnosis and adaptive control

    The article is concerned with designing online identification algorithm for identification plunger model for  wicket gate of Kaplan turbine adaptive control system. Algorithm is based on generalised recurrent least square method and invariant embedding method. Computer modeling using designed algorithm and using real experimental data shows that algorithm is effective.  

    Keywords: adaptive control system, diagnostic system, Kaplan turbine wicket gate, plunger, linearized models, identification, recurrent least square

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The article discusses one of the problems of modern software - hardware complexes for control of hydrounit  hydroelectricity plant, namely the lack of an embedded system diagnostics of technical state of various hydrounit components . In work present an approach for the implementation of diagnostic systems of one of the most important parts electro - hydraulic actuator  system to control the opening of the wicket gate. The diagnostic model and the basic control chart basic elements of electro-hydraulic converter , namely the main valve and servomotor .

    Keywords: Gydroelectricity plant, hydrounit, diagnostics, modeling, control chart, electro - hydraulic actuator.

  • Adaptive control system and diagnostic system for wicket gate adjusting system servomotors of Kaplan turbines

    The article is concerned with problems of modern electrohydraulic converters control systems used to adjust wicket gate of Kaplan turbine. Linearized model of wicket gate servomotor is considered. Algorithm for online identification of parameters of servomotor is considered. Algorithm is based on recurrent least squares method. Algorithm for adaptive PI-regulator tunning is based on online optimization of functional of generalised work (FGW). Model experiments using real data show reducing maximum control error of servomotor position from 20 % to 1 %. Also methods for servomotor state diagnostic are considered.

    Keywords: adaptive control system, diagnostic system, Kaplan turbine wicket gate, linearized models, identification, recurrent least square, functional of generalised work