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  • The research phase and impurity composition of the cathode strips alloys Pd-Ba

    For the first time, using modern analytical methods studied phase and impurity composition of the cathode alloys Pd-Ba, obtained by industrial technology. The concentration of harmful impurities (C, Zn, Ba, Cu) in objects of study does not exceed the standards for these materials. Transmission electron microscopy and X-ray analysis confirmed the previously observed biphasic alloys Pd-Ba, from which one phase - intermetallic compound (Pd5Ba), second - palladium (matrix), wherein the intermetallic compound is very unevenly distributed in the matrix. The object of the study was first detected undesirable phase Pd2O. It is found that in the alloys of Pd-Ba grain Pd - large (about one micron), grain phase Pd5Ba - from a few hundred nanometers to one micron. All beans there is a high density of randomly distributed dislocations. Processing methods are proposed to improve the homogeneity of the alloy.

    Keywords: alloyed metal cathodes, Pd-Ba, emission properties, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray analysis, impurity composition, the coefficient of secondary electron emission