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  • Cognitive analysis of the reproductive behavior of a young family in a multicultural region

    The authors of the article consider external socio-economic and internal motivational factors in the formation of reproductive behavior of young families living in the Rostov region. Based on empirical data, the authors of the work conclude that young spouses occupy quite active economic positions in the region we are studying. These professional strategies have a dual effect on reproductive behavior, determining the choice of one-child family model in the region

    Keywords: model, cognitive analysis, family, young family, life strategies, value orientations reproductive behavior

  • The model for overcoming the risks of destroying the life world of a young family (based on materials from the Rostov region)

    This article analyzes strategies to overcome the risks of a breakdown in the life of a young family. Based on the results of an empirical study conducted in the Rostov region, the authors of the article identify micro- and macro-strategies for overcoming the risks of destroying the life world of a young family within the framework of cognitive, value, and behavioral levels. The authors conclude that an important role in overcoming cognitive-value risks is given to microsocial strategies, where the family occupies key positions. Macro-social strategies are represented by the work of social institutions such as the state, the media, and education. According to the authors, the symbiosis of the selected strategies is the most effective for reducing the risks of the collapse of the life world of a young family.

    Keywords: Model, cognitive model, risks, strategies for overcoming risks, family, young family, life world