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  • A training system for testing knowledge and skills in the basics of programming in high-level languages

    The article is devoted to the development of training systems for training specialists in automation and informatization. The structure and mathematical model of a training system (TS) were developed to control skills in training these specialists (in particular, in the basics of programming). The parameters of the mathematical model are based on the representation of knowledge about the studied objects and processes in the field of development of automated information systems, which allows using TS to automatically generate and evaluate small practical tasks for students. A prototype of TS software in the form of a web application has been developed. In a practical aspect, the use of TS in the educational process in the disciplines in the field of programming will reduce the proportion of labor-intensive work of the teacher in compiling and checking assignments.

    Keywords: information technologies in education, training system, control of knowledge and skills, high-level programming languages