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  • Мobile training complex network infrastructure

      The problem of organizing network infrastructure of the training complex is considered in this paper. Described training complex designed for loading/unloading machine operators training.  The variant of the solution that satisfies the requirements is proposed.  The work was supported by the Russian Ministry of Education (contract № 13.G25.31.0093) as part of the RF Government Regulation № 218 "On measures of state support for the development of cooperation of Russian higher education institutions and organizations implementing complex projects on high-tech production"  

    Keywords: Computer training complex, architecture, control, crane

  • Features of the development and implementation of wireless terminals for crane operator training complex

    The article is devoted steps for the development technical support for crane operator training complex. An important component of technical support is a wireless terminals. Formulated a list of requirements for a wireless terminals: correct operation of the program crane simulator, reliability, compactness, wired and wireless communications to PC, flexible configuration, self-diagnostics, low price. Mobile Remote includes  terminals and host. The host is connected to PC via USB interface, as USB HID device. Terminals transmits the information to a host by Bluetooth. Selected hardware base for the terminals and host (microcontrollers, wireless modules, batteries) and designed printed circuit boards. Investigations of the different batteries and the battery life time of terminals. The description of the design decisions, especially this development.

    Keywords: Computer simulator, wireless terminals, microcontroller, battery, USB HID device