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  • Automation of evaluation of operator training efficiency on computer simulators using statistical methods

    "The article is devoted to solving the problem in the field of development of methods and means of automation of evaluation of training efficiency on computer simulators, which are used for the training of operators of production processes. Approaches to assessing the effectiveness of training are given in many scientific studies on the creation and application of computer simulators. However, the problem of automation of the process of this assessment on the basis of the simulators themselves is not sufficiently considered. The evaluation methodology (based on mathematical statistics methods) and the prototype subsystem of the computer simulator complex were proposed to solve the indicated problem. They reduce the effort of the expert responsible for performance evaluation. Output results can be used for training operators in educational organizations. The reported study was funded by RFBR according to the research project № 18-38-00835. "

    Keywords: computer simulator, mathematical statistics methods, efficiency of training process, automation of training process