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  • Research convective processes in a capacitive heat exchanger

    The article presents the results of an experimental research on the effect of the pulsating mode a capacitive heat exchanger with an active pipe part on the convective processes heated fluid. Described dignity capacitive heat exchangers. The research was conducted using a thermal imaging surveys. Compares two modes: stationary and pulsating. The method of experimental data processing, based on the analysis of fluid layers. A regression analysis allows to determine the dependence of the relative distribution of the temperature difference between the layers of fluid in the studied mode. The obtained regression equations were presented in the form of an exponential function and harmonic. The effect of pulsing regime on the process of convection in the upper quarter of the heating zone in a capacitive heat exchanger. The study showed the advantage of the capacitive heat exchanger with an active pipe part is often compared with the classical heat exchanger in part the speed of convective processes in the fluid to be heated.

    Keywords: capacitive heat exchanger with an active pipe part, pulse heating system, convective process