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  • Models of adaptive management outlining of materials in electronic courses for e-learning

    In article the description of models of adaptive management outlining the content electronic courses. Model based on the analysis of factor run content element and the factor of time interacting with the content element CEMA (classifiers events - management analyzer) for calculating an objective indicator of course studying result of user to send a learning management system (LMS). A model of the DCG (dynamic content generation) to localize errors in the develop electronic courses and to the human factor in learning process. Proposed criteria and shown one model implementation AMLM (adaptive management e-learning materials). Results of the study found use in educational institutions and commercial enterprises involved in the introduction of new technologies and improve efficiency in e-learning. Organizations interested in the development of services provided by e-learning and stimulating economic benefits will find helpful many aspects of this work for planning strategies for education and training of personnel companies-customers, students and the public. 

    Keywords: education, e-learning, Learning Management System, electronic learning course, models of adaptive management outlining of content