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  • Regulation of the stress-strained state of the structural coating using the method of changing the geometric diagram of the construction

    The subject of this article is the regulation of stress - strain state in the elements of a structural coating of a unique building of technical Museum. The architectural solution of the object is made in the shape of an airplane, which the fuselage is formed by a vaulted covering with a span of 30 m, and the wings are 38 m consoles. The system of main console trusses and links between them forms the construction of a wing. Several versions of the geometric diagrams of the basic console trusses are proposed. The optimum version of the geometric diagram of construction is selected according to the results of the static calculation. The analysis of the stress-strained state of structural coating with the different variants of the connections between the basic trusses is executed according to the results of calculations for the dynamic loads.

    Keywords: the regulation of stress - strain state, geometric diagram, console, structural coating, finite element method, static calculation, dynamic loads