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  • Application of information technologies in solving the optimization problem of strength calculation of rod elements

    The calculation algorithm is given and various options for solving the problem are considered when changing the parameters of the design scheme of the rod system on the example of a beam in the MS Excel software environment together with the MathCAD package. The proposed approach allows you to combine formulas, graphics, and calculation results on a single sheet, which is especially useful in the educational process. It contributes to a more conscious perception of the calculation process by students, allows them to implement various forms of distance learning in information technologies.

    Keywords: the core of the system, algorithm, modelling, integration, information technology

  • Study of the dynamic characteristics of the bearing trusses of the coating during the removal of ventilation equipment on the roof of the shop

    The paper deals with the study of the dynamic characteristics of the coating farm. Due to the changes in the company's technological regulations, it became necessary to install additional ventilation equipment with its output to the roof of the shop. The study showed that to ensure safe operation in the structural scheme of bearing structures it is necessary to organize additional units. Dynamic load on the supporting structures is created by the operation of ventilation equipment. The spectrum of natural oscillation frequencies is determined. The values of these frequencies were compared with the frequency of forced oscillations of the fans. Graphs of the changes in natural frequencies when the fan operating frequency. According to the chart, when the frequency of the driving force coincides with the frequency of natural oscillations, the inertia forces increase sharply, which indicates the passage of the resonance zone. A study of changes in dynamic forces due to rotor imbalance was conducted. The value of the gap arising at wear of bearings at which there will be a destruction of a basic element of a farm was calculated.

    Keywords: vibrations, forced vibrations, frequency, resonance, truss