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  • Improvement of technological process of production of Cabinet furniture due to introduction of system of the automated workplaces with application of technology of bar-coding

    In the present work optimization of technological process of production of Cabinet furniture at the expense of introduction of system of the automated workplaces (AWP) with application of technology of bar-coding on an example of the concrete enterprise is offered

    Keywords: Cabinet furniture, furniture production, automated workplaces, bar-code, bar-coding of details, bar-coding of tasks

  • On improving the monitoring system for air pollution with carbon monoxide in linear cities

    The article considers examples of cities with a linear-elongated configuration. Issues of air pollution are considered, examples of components of pollutants coming from stationary and mobile sources are given. Statistical data on human diseases in the Volgograd region for the period 2008-2017 are presented. Considers the issues of monitoring for the city of Volgograd.

    Keywords: linear city, highway, pollution, carbon monoxide, monitoring, monitoring posts, disease statistics, combined action, vehicles, noise, gas pollution, health, exhaust gases, length

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    the article presents a comparison of methods for modeling the Foundation of the span structure of the technological transition on permafrost soils in the LIRA-CAD 2015 software package.Numerical simulations using methods such as pinching (linking) and modeling of pile Foundation and soil Foundation showed a significant difference in the calculated values. The conducted research confirms the need to calculate this type of building structures taking into account the influence of the soil base.

    Keywords: span structure, technological transition, pile, base, foundation, frozen ground, LIRA-CAD 2015, strength, stiffness, stability, soil model

  • " Calculation of the air pollution index of the city of Krasnoyarsk using the “summary calculations” tool"

    To assess the impact of various groups of sources of emissions in urban pollution, there is a method that can be called the main one - the assessment of the contribution to total gross emissions. But this method does not take into account the significant features of dispersion of pollutant emissions in the atmosphere, as well as the specifics of the mechanisms of formation of concentrations of pollutants at a specific point in the city and the calculation of complex indicators of the level of air pollution in urban areas. The authors proposed a procedure for calculating the atmospheric pollution index for source groups using the “summary calculations” tool. The calculations were carried out on the licensed software product "Ecologist-city". Based on the calculations, conclusions were drawn on the reliability of determining the influence of various groups of emission sources on air pollution in the city of Krasnoyarsk, based on the assessment of contributions to the total gross emission in the city.

    Keywords: atmosphere, air, ecology, ecology of urban areas, environmental safety, summary calculations, IZA

  • Research of properties and characteristics of foam glass broken stone application in road constructions

    This article describes the territories of the northern regions of the Russian Federation, the problems of the distribution of permafrost soils (MMG), and discusses the difficulties encountered in the construction of roads in difficult geocryological conditions. The introduction of heat-insulating layers of foam glass rubble into the design of pavement is proposed. The basic physical and technical characteristics have been analyzed, and the key properties of foam glass rubble are determined. The article describes the process of production of foam glass, the advantages that allow the use of this material in various fields of construction. Typical road structures made of soil are considered. A comparison is made of a typical construction of pavement made traditionally from soil (high embankment) with a construction with a heat-insulating layer of foam-glass rubble. The advantages have been listed when using structures using foam glass rubble in road construction.

    Keywords: foam-glass rubble, road construction, automobile road, heat-insulating layer, frost, north, glass, construction, soil, materia

  • Modeling of the low-pass filter

    Results of modeling and a pilot study of a low-pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 4 GHz are given. Modeling of the filter was carried out in MicrowaveOffice application program package. The experiment was made on the vector analyzer of RXA chains. Results of modeling and an experiment conform to the imposed requirements, namely: - cut-off frequency is 4 GHz; - losses in bandwidth no more than 3 dB; - an obstacle on the second harmonic of cut-off frequency not less than 60 dB; - wave resistance of an input and exit of 50 Ohms.

    Keywords: low-pass filter; cut-off frequency; losses in bandwidth; losses in an obstacle band; modeling; experiment

  • Calculation of the tortuosity of the boundaries of flat figures

    The paper considers the tortuosity of regular n-gons, fractals and the tortuosity of the boundaries of a rectangular trapezium. The tortuosity value ωn is obtained in the limiting case. For all the considered figures, the dependencies of the tortuosity values on the number of sides of the regular n-gon and on the nth iteration for the fractal in question were constructed. For the boundary of a rectangular trapezoid, we plotted the curves of the tortuosity border on the angular coefficient of the straight line y = px + q, which bounds the trapezoid under consideration. It is shown that with an increase in the number of iterations in each fractal, the value of tortuosity increases, and its limiting value tends to infinity.

    Keywords: Tortuosity, closed loop, fractal, regular n-squares, Koch's snowflake, contour boundaries

  • Numerical study of the relations of the theory of finite rotations

    The paper deals with the derivation of the basic relations of the theory of finite rotations. A numerical study of the dependence of the guide cosine of the final rotation on the guide cosines of a fixed coordinate system and the coordinate system associated with a solid is carried out. The formulas for the cosines of the angle of final rotation are obtained. The developed program of calculation of the values of the guides of the cosines of the final turning of the quantities in the problem statement. A graph of the dependence of the guide cosine of the final turn on the sine of the angle of the final turn. This dependence is clearly displayed when the program is started.

    Keywords: vector orientation in space, spherical trigonometry, finite rotation angle, guiding cosine, Euler angles, finite rotation

  • Ranking of factors in the assessment of thermal protection of objects

    Made of a priori ranking factors allowing prediction of thermal protection of objects, represented a formalized scheme of the multifactor experiment, the effects of the determining factors for the thermal protection of the object with a different response function.

    Keywords: energy saving, energy efficiency, thermal protection of buildings, multifactorial experiment, ranking factors

  • Тechnological methods of increasing the durability of products from fine-grained hard-pressed concrete

    The article presents the method of appointment of the composition of the molding mixture, which is based on the calculation and experimental approach. The results of the research served as the basis for the practical implementation of the proposed technological method of increasing the durability of small-sized products made of fine concrete. The article was published in the framework of the program of the International Forum "Victorious may 1945»

    Keywords: workability of concrete mix, water-cement ratio, grain composition, raw materials, concrete, acidic medium, sodium sulfate, durability, small products, classification of defects, vibration mixing, technological methods

  • Algorithms and software for computer graphics construction and visualization of solid models

    At present, modern information technologies are actively used in the design of complex equipment at various industrial enterprises – automated systems for end-to-end CAD/CAM/CAE class design, which provide complex execution of design work with a significant reduction in their execution time while improving the quality of work. When this is achieved the main objective which is the update of the nomenclature of products, reducing costs, improving reliability, efficiency, etc. In view of this, the task of constructing and visualizing solid-state models is relevant today. From the analysis of the literature, it was concluded that today there are not enough methodological techniques for building models, and the existing developments do not contain optimal algorithms for creating 3D models of parts of varying complexity. Therefore, to implement the above problem, an algorithm for constructing a 3D model with a cutout was proposed.

    Keywords: CAD/CAM/CAE, graphic packages, projection drawing, computer graphics, construction algorithm, geometric body, solid modeling, software, 3D model, surface toning

  • The performance of the neural network matrix of the operator

    The article shows the possibility of describing complex objects with parallel functioning components in the form of structures built on the basis of neural networks. The neural network is represented by an operator matrix, that is, a formal description that gives a universal way to solve many non-standard control problems. Matrix apparatus is shown to significantly improve the efficiency of the method compared to previously known. It is concluded that the representation of the neural network by the operator matrix provides a universal way to solve the problems of transport and information flows management; neuron-like systems based on such representation of the neuron are able to catch complex nonlinear relationships, self-improvement, learning in the process of use. Their use provides ample opportunities for finding and implementing effective solutions to the problems of management and control of flows

    Keywords: graph, parallelism, transport and information flow, neural network, synaptic weight, predicate, activation function, operator matrix, neuron, complex systems

  • Possibilities of using mineral porous components as damping additives for concrete

    Various mineral porous components, such as expanded clay, ash microspheres, etc., are used to regulate the processes of structure formation and physical and mechanical properties of shock-resistant concrete of rigid pressing.

    Keywords: Regulation, structure formation, physical and mechanical properties, ash microspheres, phase-mineral composition, X-ray phase analysis, adhesion

  • Evaluation of the efficiency of wet dust collectors

    The article deals with topical issues related to the need to improve the efficiency of dust collection systems, the correct choice of the method of purification of emissions and the design of industrial filters linking the operating modes of devices with the properties of the captured dust. A method of complex treatment of emissions with a wet dust collector built into the process line is proposed.

    Keywords: wet dust collectors, efficiency, system efficiency, optimization, emissions, ecology, dust collection

  • Prospects for the use of the modified foamed perlite to obtain the new composite materials

    The article deals with the characteristics of hydrophobic swollen perlite and methods of its research. The perspective of the use of expanded perlite in various industries is described. Possibilities of application of these materials in practical use are shown.

    Keywords: composite materials, energy saving, modification of perlite, hydrophobic perlite, methods for improving properties