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  • Increase of power efficiency of protecting designs - a way of increase of efficiency of operation of buildings and constructions

    The role of technical inspection as source of definition of an actual state of protecting designs is considered. Not destroying methods of definition of durability and thermal properties of materials of external walls are resulted. The thermographic method of not destroying control is considered, the list of thermal characteristics which can be defined with its use is presented. Modern requirements to thermal characteristics of external walls are presented and the materials most often meeting in protecting designs are considered. It is considered as a possible variant of increase of thermal properties of protecting designs - the device of hinged ventilated facades. The scheme of carrying out of a damage control, a substantiation of economic efficiency of the device of hinged ventilated facades and other technical advantages concerning other ways of warming of facades is presented.

    Keywords: Technical inspection, thermographic quality monitoring, thermal characteristics of protecting designs, hinged ventilated facade